Return to Amish : Meet the 20-Year-Old Trying to Become the First Amish College Basketball Player

Return to Amish : Meet the 20-Year-Old Trying to Become the First Amish College Basketball Player

This is one very specific hoop dream.

In an exclusive first look at the new season of TLC's Return to Amish, premiering March 14, 20-year-old Old Order Amish community member Kenneth Detweiler wants to break some hardwood history.

"Basketball is not allowed in my community," he says. "But I want to be the first Amish college basketball player. That's why I'm excited to try the English world."

Well, no time like the present.

The new season of Return to Amish, according to the network, finds "a group of Amish and former Amish experiencing the world outside of their closed communities to figure out where they truly belong."

Fannie, 20, is also introduced—and she's in the middle of dealing with some potentially terrifying consequences for her recent actions.

"Now that I got caught with my cell phone," Fannie says, "they're gonna shun me and condemn me to hell."

That's a whole new definition of too much screen time.

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Elsewhere, 20-year-old Daniel is feeling the weight of his family's legacy on his shoulders.

"Growing up as a bishop's son, it's alright," he says. "But I definitely didn't feel like I was meant to be Amish."

Once free of his confines, Daniel has one particular thing in mind.

"I'm very curious about the English world," he notes. "But mostly the girls."

Cut to: Daniel making out with a girl on a crowded club dance floor. Mission accomplished.

However, it's not all fun and games.

Return to Amish

In a tense moment in the trailer, Ray comes looking for his sister Rosanna, saying, "I don't want her reputation ruined."

After Ray and Rosanna's boyfriend Johnny disagree about what's best for Rosanna, the two come to blows as the trailer reaches its climax.

Find out what the future holds when Return to Amish premieres March 14 at 10 p.m. on TLC.

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