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'Respect' Bonus Features Clip

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Watch Jennifer Hudson, Marlon Wayans and more talk about their first album purchased and first concert attended.

Video Transcript

MARLON WAYANS: The first record I ever purchased, I think, was "Purple Rain."

JENNIFER HUDSON: Probably, like, Boyz II Men.

AUDRA MCDONALD: The Wiz-- the Broadway album.

MARC MARON: think the first record I ever purchased was probably the Beatles' second album.

MARLON WAYANS: First record I ever purchased was probably Slick Rick and Doug E Fresh, "The Show" and "La Di-Da-Di." It was an album. On one side, it was "The Show." On the other side, it was "La Di-Da-Di." And I wopped that whole summer. La Di-Da-Di. La Di-Da-Di. We like to party. Oh, sorry.

LIESL TOMMY: The Pointer Sisters.

AUDRA MCDONALD: OK, the first one that comes to mind that I remember going to by myself, or just with my cousin-- we were 12 and 13-- we went to see DeBarge in concert.

MARC MARON: The first concert I attended was Sonny and Cher with my parents.

JENNIFER HUDSON: My own, which was the American Idol tour.

MARLON WAYANS: The first concert I have attended was a Kool Moe Dee, Janet Jackson concert in somewhere in California. My brother took us, and I met Janet Jackson. And I just stood there in shock when she shook my hand, like, yo, you are Penny from Good Times.