Resilient dog had no problem running on the beach

Finn’s advice for dealing with all the challenging changes around us? Just roll with it!!! It’s called resilience - being as accepting as possible to a new reality - and those of us with dogs know they are the best teachers when it comes to this! Resilience doesn’t eliminate the stress or hardships, but it allows you to better understand them and gives you the strength and mental outlook to work through pain, grief and crisis and move on with life and recover. In a time like this I think we could all use a little more resilience! We can’t control the situation, but we can absolutely control our response. Funny story about Finn “rolling with it,” - a few weeks ago we went on a ski trip to Idaho and we camped in the van in the parking lot. There were a few other groups in the lot with dogs and I had put Arlo into a down when we saw them out and about. Finn, desperately wanting to say hello to the other dogs and never letting an obstacle get in the way of that, “rolled with it” right over to them rolling right over Arlo in his wheelchair on his way… He literally ran right over his body. Poor Arlo looked around a bit dumbfounded and stayed right in his down as Finn wheeled straight on to the other group not listening to a word I was saying to him… So watch out if you see this guy coming at you in his wheelchair - he has no problem running over feet, tails or apparently entire bodies! He stops at nothing! Never a dull moment!