Residente’s ‘313’ Video, Starring Penelope Cruz, Is a Visual Masterpiece

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Penelope Cruz in Residente's "313" - Credit: Courtesy Sony Music
Penelope Cruz in Residente's "313" - Credit: Courtesy Sony Music

For a while now, Residente has been showing the world how skilled he is at creating powerful visuals that underscore the meaning of his visceral songs. “This Is Not America,” released in 2022, was a potent statement against American capitalism and corporate greed. More recently, he’s turned heads with “Quiero Ser Baladista” and “Problema Cabrón,” two more songs that doubled as cinematic experiences.

Now he’s doing it again with “313,” a stunning video that stars Spanish actress Penelope Cruz, who begins with video with a poetic narration of how much every moment in time affords us. “313” will be part of Residente’s anticipated second solo album, titled Las Letras Ya No Importan, which he shared will be out on Feb. 22.

In the video, several ballet dancers enter the frame, floating in time through movements choreographed by the Brazilian choreographer Juliano Nunes. The dancers move between Residente and Cruz, guiding the story as it represents the connection between life, living beings, and time. The Residente-directed visuals were produced by 1868 Studios in collaboration with World Junkies and released via 5020 Records, a new label under SONY Music U.S.A.

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Music videos aren’t Residente’s only foray into video. He recently debuted as a leading actor in Alessandra Lacorazza’s indie film “In the Summers,” which took home the grand jury prize at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. He also recently announced that he’ll be teaming up with Academy Award-winner Alexander Dinelaris, known for Birdman, to write the script for Porto Rico, a historical drama based on Puerto Rican revolutionary, José Maldonado Román.

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