Resident Alien cast and creator tease return of season 2 and that fatal cliffhanger

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Don't worry, Resident Alien fans — when Syfy's sci-fi series returns for the second half of season 2 next month, it isn't wasting any time in getting back into the action after that fatal cliffhanger.

When series creator Chris Sheridan and stars Alan Tudyk, Sara Tomko, Corey Reynolds, Alice Wetterlund, Levi Fiehler, and Elizabeth Bowen stopped by EW's Comic-Con video suite on Saturday, they revealed that season 2 picks up right after Harry (Tudyk) gets shot and Asta (Tomko) kills the shooter. So what happens next? "My character dies," Tudyk deadpanned to laughs from his castmates. "No, that doesn't happen."

"The second half of the season is great," said Sheridan. "The first half of the season ends on a cliffhanger of Asta has just shot someone in the woods, Harry has been shot in the woods, D'Arcy comes out, and we don't know quite yet how much she's seen, how much she knows, and they're stuck with a dead body. They're trying to figure out where they're going to go next."

But they're not the only ones in the thick of the action. "Mike's coming in there as well, gun drawn," added Reynolds. "He's ready to see what the hell happened here. That's exactly where it picks up."


James Dittinger/SYFY Alan Tudyk on 'Resident Alien'

The cast also had a great time teasing (or maybe joking?) about where their characters might be going in the second half of season 2. "I think D'Arcy might lose her virginity!" Wetterlund said, with Bowen adding, "And Liv is just going to cry for the second half of the season, and it's really going to make my eyes pop, so you'll really enjoy it."

Resident Alien stars Tudyk as an extraterrestrial who crash-lands on Earth and disguises himself as a human until he can complete his mission. He attempts to keep a low profile by assuming the identity of Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle and hides in a remote area in Colorado. During the interview, Tomko said she couldn't stop laughing when Tudyk would ad-lib his character's real name in his made-up alien language.

"It's not like Star Trek where there's a language that's really written down," Tudyk explains. "You could learn Klingon if you want to. And there are many people at SDCC right now who speak it fluently. Mine is just [makes gargling noises]. Any noise, you can make it. And then the editors put it together."

Watch the full interview above to see what else the cast and creator revealed about the second half of season 2, as well as how the cast celebrated the show's recent season 3 renewal.

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