Rescuing A Kitty Who Climbed Too High

Occurred on February 14, 2021 / Sirajganj, Bangladesh Info from Licensor: "I am a very pet loving person. He was my neighbor's cat. His name is 'Brownie'. My friend wasn't at his home that day and Brownie was hungry and, he came to my house. But suddenly, after noticing him, my dogs, 'Trumph' & 'Modi,' chased him to get him out of the area. At that time, Brownie got up and got stuck in the tree without the stalks. Then Trumph and Modi started barking at him. And I noticed Brownie on the top of the tree. The situation was horrible. The tree was almost 30 feet long, and there wasn't any support for Brownie to stay long. I couldn't resist my self to think quick to rescue him. And I took a long piece of bamboo and wrapped the top with cloth. So, if Brownie gets slip, he could nip the cloth and don't fall. Then I held up the bamboo near Brownie and made a sound to let him understand, it was helpful. Then, I finally managed to rescue him. And now he is a very good friend of mine."