Republican voter says Trumpism is 'the greatest danger to this country right now'

CNN assembled a group of Republicans, Democrats and Independents to discuss President Biden’s Wednesday town hall, for a segment that aired Thursday on Don Lemon Tonight. While there were at least two Republicans in the group, one was very outspoken about his party’s recent behavior.

Phil Heimlich spoke about the “shameful” way so many Republicans are attempting to whitewash the violent insurrection at the Capitol on January 6, and derided the spate of voter suppression bills introduced by Republican state legislatures around the country, using the lie of voter fraud as an excuse. But most concerning to Heimlich is his party’s embrace of former President Trump’s politics.

“I think the greatest danger to this country right now is Trumpism, more so than any policy,” Heimlich said. “And if they're able to suppress the vote, whatever policy you care about, if they're able to attack our rule of law, and we become one of these countries like Turkey and others that have really become right-wing — be really dictatorships, it doesn't matter what you stand for. So I think all of us, Republicans and Democrats, have to make the decision we're going to put country ahead of party.”