Report: Update On MLW Releases, Initial Plans For Alex Hammerstone

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A new report shines some light over the recent releases in Major League Wrestling.

As previously reported, Juicy Finau and Lance Anoa’i stated that they were released by MLW. Meanwhile, former world champion Alex Hammerstone confirmed that he requested his release.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful (via Fightful Select) reports that, per sources, there were some conduct issues regarding Anoa’i and Finau that were being worked through. However, the WWE lawsuit was said to have complicated Anoa’i’s release. Per Sapp, Finau had indicated that he was open to returning before he was let go. He was set to be involved in 2024 because the creative for the rest of 2023 had been set.

Initial Plans For Alex Hammerstone

Sapp previously reported that there were some issues surrounding Alex Hammerstone asking off in September. Per sources, Hammerstone has not been granted his release, and there had been big plans for him. Additionally, he was set for a sizable bump in pay as well.

Sapp wrote that Hammerstone was set to be involved in the World Titan Federation faction with Matt Cardona and Davey Boy Smith Jr. This direction would have included a heel turn. However, sources claimed that while Hammerstone was initially open to the idea, he changed his mind. Sapp cited sources who expressed that it seemed like Hammerstone had checked out by the time he was “gone”, and they offered him support.

Regardless, Hammerstone went on to ask for his release. He is not set for MLW’s upcoming shows in Philadelphia and New York City. On the MLW side, a few said that it seemed like he’d checked out by the time he was gone, and they offered him support to help him. Hammerstone, however, asked for his release.

WrestleZone will provide more information as it becomes available.

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