Report: Karen Huger Refused Breathalyzer at DUI Crash

Karen Huger
Photo by: Weiss Eubanks/NBCUniversal via Getty Images
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Is this any way to mark your triple-20 birthday year? The Real Housewives of Potomac star Karen Huger landed in some hot water. Earlier this week, Karen smashed her Maserati. While her car was definitely in rough shape, no one else was injured. That is about the only good news to report. This certainly isn’t the way that the Grand Dame should behave.

Karen reportedly declined a breathalyzer test

Radar Online said that Karen was driving in Potomac, Maryland when she reportedly lost control of her vehicle. Her Maserati crossed a median before slamming into several street signs.

The Montgomery County Police Department confirmed that the Grand Dame was cited for driving under the influence and allegedly refusing to take a breathalyzer test. Is that proper etiquette, Karen? I think not. The RHOP OG was not only charged with one count of DUI but was also charged with other offenses related to reckless driving and alleged negligence.

Of course, the Grand Dame issued a statement to explain this unfortunate series of events. “I am still in shock from last night’s incident, but grateful to be alive today. With the passing of my Beloved Mother, Grief comes and goes in waves, and with Mother’s Day approaching it has felt more like a tsunami,” the statement read.

“Last night I met a girlfriend for dinner, we talked and brought up some very emotionally sensitive topics. I was crying on my way home and saw a car heading right for me.”

The statement continued, “I swerved to avoid the head-on collision, hit the divider, and then a tree. I’m hurt, bruised up a bit, but so grateful I am alive!” She concluded by stating that she was shocked that the other car drove away. What she failed to mention in her statement was that she was charged with a DUI.

I’m surprised that she didn’t blame it on having chicken, “the dirty bird,” at dinner. It seems like Karen is blaming the incident on everyone but herself.

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