Report: Edge And WWE ‘Not Close’ Financially On A New Deal

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Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer is reporting that from a financial standpoint, Edge and WWE are not close to agreeing on a new deal.

In the report, Meltzer said, “It’s the same thing with Edge and McIntyre. Not that those deals are dead in WWE, but they’re not close on money. And that’s where it stands. It’s not like somebody, you know, whatever these people ask for. It’s not like it’s a rubber stamp even though WWE is loaded with money. Tony’s running a business. WWE is running a business. They have an idea of a salary scale.”

Meltzer went on to say that just because WWE knows they can afford certain deals does not mean they will always meet the demands of superstars. He said “WWE can afford anything and anyone, but they’re not. They have a mental salary scale of what people in certain positions get. And some of the guys want more or think that they deserve something commensurate to people that the company thinks are higher level and they think they’re at the same level of. So that’s kind of the situation. And it goes again on both sides.”

In a Twitter video posted a few weeks ago, Edge denied a report that WWE would not meet his requests for a new deal and that he had one waiting for him in his inbox if he wanted it.

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