Report: Carl Radke Didn’t Plan Lindsay Hubbard ‘Blindside’ With Summer House Producers

Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke at BravoCon 2019
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An inside source has come forward with more scoop behind Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard’s breakup. The insider says Carl didn’t call Summer House producers to “purposely blindside” his then-fiancée, as Lindsay accused.

Producers asked Carl and Lindsay to return for additional filming, according to the source. They didn’t want the season to end with the “blowout fight” that had taken place on the last day of production.

As the season had already wrapped, Lindsay didn’t understand why they needed to return for additional filming. But producers told both Carl and Lindsay that they didn’t want the season to end on such an unsettled note, especially with the wedding coming up in a few weeks. “They wanted to capture a conversation after the fight,” the insider tells Page Six. “Things were left in a rocky place on Sunday.”

Following up after the fight

When the season finished, the plan was for production to return in November to film the wedding. But because the season had ended in “such a big fight,” producers wanted to “close the loop” between the argument and the wedding. They didn’t want to leave viewers wondering what was going to happen between Lindsay and Carl.

So after filming wrapped, production reached out to the couple via a group chat and explained why they needed to film the next day. “Cast members don’t decide when cameras go up,” the source says, denying that Carl instigated the shoot. “Producers would never be in cahoots against Lindsay.”

But when they began filming the conversation, producers were reportedly “shocked” to hear Carl end the engagement. “[The crew] was as surprised as Lindsay,” the source says. “Carl did not set her up to purposely blindside her on camera.”

Karl’s golden opportunity

Carl Radke at the Summer House reunion
Photo by Clifton Prescod/Bravo

Lindsay has claimed to various media outlets that Carl arranged the additional filming to “blindside” her. She found the whole production communication odd.

“It’s a group text and it is, ‘Hey, we’re filming tomorrow blah blah blah,’ and I’m just like this is not right,” said the PR specialist. “And [Carl’s] responding immediately, he’s moving couples therapy, he’s clearing his schedule, he’s like, ‘Absolutely,’ and I’m just like, ‘This is weird.’”

My theory is that at that point, Carl had made up his mind that he’d had enough of Lindsay’s mood swings and her volatile temper. He may have seen the request to film as his opportunity to finally escape the relationship. The cameras and the production crew would be there to document everything and as insurance against her going batsh*t crazy on him. Rather than being the instigator, I believe he saw it as his golden parachute out of an increasingly uncomfortable situation.

Meanwhile, Carl refutes Lindsay’s claims that he set up the whole thing. “I don’t decide what is being filmed on ‘Summer House,'” the Loverboy sales exec said. “I just respond to what’s being requested.”


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