Rep. Eric Swalwell issues dire warning about midterms: 'Could be the last election'

Rep. Eric Swalwell appeared Monday on All In With Chris Hayes, where the Democratic congressman from California discussed the long-term ramifications of the upcoming midterm elections. His primary concern is that new laws and policies to restrict voter access will end democracy in its current form.

“I'm worried that if Republicans win in the midterm elections, that voting as we know it in this country will be gone,” Swalwell said. “This is not only the most important election. If we don't get it right, it could be the last election.”

Swalwell cited GOP lawmakers who are trying to suppress state voting rights in order to gain control of the House.

“They're already putting as many barriers to the ballot box as possible in Arizona, Florida, Texas, Georgia,” Swalwell said, urging all qualified voters to register. “And on the other side of the finish line, they're putting in place, processes where they could reverse the outcome even if we crawl through glass and run through the fire to get to the ballot box. If they are able to win the house, the damage they could do, you know, to permanently make it difficult to vote and just alter the way that we participate in a democratic process could be irreversible.”

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