Rep. Castro on Jan. 6 plot: “It’s becoming clearer..that Donald Trump and his minions orchestrated this at every level”

As more details are revealed about the scheme to overturn the 2020 election results, Texas Democratic congressman and former impeachment manager Joaquin Castro says this is a sign that that January 6th committee is “doing its job”. “Bennie Thompson is getting to the bottom of it,” Castro tells Ali Velshi. “Ultimately, the January 6th commission is going to have to make sure that every single person who helped plan that attack on the Capitol, including members of Congress and, if the evidence bears out, including the President of the United States are held accountable”. While the work continues in Washington, Castro’s home state of Texas is pushing the symptoms of the Big Lie further – enacting voting restrictions that make the process just difficult enough to be a deterrent to democratic participation. “A concrete example of how they get away with” these restrictions that eat away at rights little by little.