Renée Zellweger Teaches Jimmy Fallon Her Seventh Grade Cheer

Old habits die hard and old cheer routines die harder. Renée Zellweger stopped by The Tonight Show and taught Jimmy Fallon her cheer routine from the seventh grade. Zellweger grew up in Tracy, Texas and anyone who has seen Friday Night Lights knows that football is a big deal in Texas. Zellweger was a cheerleader and opted to show Fallon her cheer for her hometown team, the Tigers. When Fallon tried to follow along he failed, so she lowered the difficulty by just doing a standard step-clap coupled with the ubiquitous "Be Aggressive" cheer. Fallon was finally able to follow along. However, the actress from the musical, Chicago, knows that every performance needs a big finish. She showed Fallon how to do a high-kick to end the set. It went off without a hitch until Fallon limped away claiming he pulled a muscle.