Remembering Leonard Nimoy's Movie Career

Leonard Nimoy, who died on Feb. 27 at the age of 83, blasted off to fame on the USS Enterprise in the mid-'60s, becoming an icon for his turn as the hyper-logical Spock on the 'Star Trek' TV series. Though the first iteration of the show lasted just three seasons, Nimoy would go on to play the character in eight 'Trek' movies, two of which he directed. Those films make up a good portion of his big-screen appearances, but Nimoy actually had a rich and diverse career in movies beyond the 'Star Trek' world, both as an actor and director. Click through to see a selection of his body of film work and learn more about the man who last tweeted only five days before his passing, "Life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory." Luckily, we have a long list of TV shows and movies with which to remember him by.