Remembering David Letterman’s Mother With Her Best ‘Late Show’ Mom-ents

At the age of 95, David Letterman’s mother has passed away. Besides raising the talk show host in their Indiana home, Dorothy Mengering had an illustrious career as one of Dave’s Best Second Bananas — Rolling Stone ranked her fourth of the lot — and naturally, baking lots of delicious pies.

Dorothy Mengering, mother of David Letterman.
Dorothy Mengering, the woman affectionately known as “Dave’s mom.”

Letterman began roping his mom into his stunts all the way back in February 1986, when he had Dorothy use a bullhorn out the window of his offices, and she was always a good sport.

Over the years, Dave sent his mom around the world to interview some important people, including participants in the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway (where she also ran into then first lady Hillary Clinton). And of course, she did her share of top ten lists.

Throughout his 33 years on the air, Letterman never forgot his small-town roots and the woman who brought him into this world. Rest in peace, Dave’s mom.

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