‘Reluctant Traveler’ Eugene Levy Tours Superyachts in Saint-Tropez | Exclusive Video

Eugene Levy learns how much it costs to park a superyacht in luxurious Saint-Tropez, France in this exclusive clip from Friday’s episode of “The Reluctant Traveler.”

In the video, Levy sips champagne as he’s given a marina tour of the coastal town, which was made famous by French sex symbol Brigitte Bardot, who bought a villa there in 1958.

He’s shown yachts such as the massive black craft owned by fashion designer Giorgio Armani. “Turns out if you make suits for a living, you can afford a pretty big boat,” Levy observes.

Commenting on the fact that George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Beyoncé also keep yachts in Saint-Tropez, Levy says, “I’m assuming they text ahead to figure out who parks where.” The daily parking fee for a yacht in Saint-Tropez, by the way? 3,000 Euros, or, at the current exchange rate, $3,284.64

The episode also finds the actor hanging out with “Dynasty” star Joan Collins, trying oysters for the first time and donning a beekeeper’s suit to learn the craft while in Provence.

The second season of the Apple TV+ show, which debuted its first two episodes last week, finds the “Schitt’s Creek” star visiting various cities in Europe, including Glasgow, Scotland and Seville, Spain.

In the first season, the travel-averse host visited Finland; Costa Rica; Venice, Italy; Utah; the Maldives; South Africa; and Lisbon, Portugal and Tokyo.

“The Reluctant Traveler With Eugene Levy” is produced for Apple TV+ by Twofour and is executive produced by Levy, David Brindley, Nic Patten and Sara Brailsford.

Reflecting on his time working on “The Reluctant Traveler,” Levy told TheWrap that he can see himself doing the show for another 10 years or so, but suspects others will “have something to say about that.”

“I’m loving the show — I love David, I love the production team,” Levy said. “It’s like a giant reunion every time we get together and come back and do the show. That helps make it fun for me, too, because if it wasn’t that pleasant a job to do, this show wouldn’t be working at all.”

New episodes debut each Friday through April 12.

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