Relive Five Years of U.S. Girls’ ‘Lives’ With Surprise Concert Album

Meg-Lead-Photo-by-Greg-Chow - Credit: Greg Chow*
Meg-Lead-Photo-by-Greg-Chow - Credit: Greg Chow*

Meg Remy, who performs as U.S. Girls, has tied a bow on the past five years of her life with the release of Lives, a surprise concert album she just released. The record, available on major streaming services, features music she performed with three different iterations of the U.S. Girls live band.

She included recordings of songs by what she calls “the Poem Band” version of U.S. Girls, which focused on “outsider jazz-funk,” as well as the “Heavy Light Band,” which focused on female vocal harmonies. The newest version, which she apparently hasn’t yet christened, focuses a bit more on keyboards and samplers. The musicians on the record include members of the Badge Époque Ensemble and the Cosmic Range, as well as Canadian singer-songwriters Geordie Gordon, Dorothea Paas, and Carlyn Bezic. Remy’s husband, Maximilian Turnbull, produced the record.

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In a statement, Remy reflected on all the hard work and tinnitus of life on the road. “I cannot fathom all the rehearsals hobbled through, miles travelled fast and crawling, enough coffee cups to build a bridge (from where to where?), dismantled and rebuilt floors & stages, feedback fever and ringing ears, blind hangovers, laughter ’til peeing pants and spitting out whatever is in the mouth, professional-level passive aggressive bickering, singing with no voice left, questioning what to wear as a way of holding the self together,” she said. “All this happening in the background of forever war…

“Sometimes I can’t remember much before starting bands, writing songs, recording music, making artifacts, performing, traveling to perform,” she continued. “It’s a dreamy way to approach life but it’s a raw way to live.”

U.S. Girls, which is still touring in support of their latest album, Bless This Mess, will be touring the U.K. and Europe this fall.

Lives track list:

1. “CIUT Spot”
2. “M.A.H.” (Live)
3. “Pearly Gates” (Live)
4. “Navy & Cream”/”Window Shades” (Live)
5. “Rosebud” (Live)
6. “Pump” (Live)
7. “Incidental Boogie” (Live)
8. “Sororal Feelings” (Live) 
9. “4 American Dollars” (Live)
10. “IOU” (Live)
11. “Bless This Mess” (Live)
12. “Red Ford Radio” (Live)
13. “28 Days” (Live)
14. “Time” (Live)

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