"RelationShep" winner Bella Clark reveals why she and Shep Rose called it quits

Beth Delany, The Morning Breath
·The Morning Breath

Charleston’s most notable bachelor … is still a bachelor, according to Bella Clark. The unexpected winner of the Bravo show RelationShep stopped by The Morning Breath on Tuesday to share the status of her relationship with the eternal bachelor himself, Shep Rose.

When it came down to Priscila and Peyton in the final episode last week, fans were stunned when the affable and charming Rose dumped both girls and headed to New York to win over Clark, who had left earlier to fulfill work duties.

Despite the backpack-wearing love confessional on the streets of Manhattan, Clark admits the flames didn’t last long after the finale. “We tried to make it work after the show, but I think once you’re off camera, you get to know someone a little bit better, and I just realized we didn’t have as much in common as we initially thought,” reveals the 24-year-old. Adding, “At the end of the day, I really admire [an] ambitious and hardworking guy.”

“[Shep] always says, ‘You need to settle up, not down.’ So that’s what I did,” shades Clark.

The blogger, foodie, and traveling beauty doesn’t even have cable, as she told Jackie and Margo Oshry, so don’t hold your breath to see her on a season of The Bachelor anytime soon. However, tuning in to the next season of Southern Charm isn’t off the table.

Admitting to never having watched Rose on the preppy Charleston show, single Clark is interested to meet the single Shep everyone else is familiar with. “I’m honestly a little curious to see what he’s like in the show,” shares Clark.

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