Relatable: Luca Guadagnino loves House Of The Dragon's Fabien Frankel

Luca Guadagnino and Fabien Frankel
Luca Guadagnino and Fabien Frankel

However petulant House Of The Dragon’s Ser Criston can be (turning on someone who won’t elope with you isn’t cute!) it’s hard to deny his dreamy allure onscreen. But don’t take it from just any groupie—Luca Guadagnino himself has an interest in Fabien Frankel, the actor who portrays Ser Criston, and lauds Frankel’s performance in a new interview with Vanity Fair.

The Bones & All director’s thoughts turned to Frankel after interviewer David Canfield asked him about his work with Timotheé Chalamet. When Canfield asks if Guadagnino has his eye on anyone new in the industry, one name immediately comes to mind.

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“Off the top of my head, because I’m going to meet him soon, I’m very interested in Fabien Frankel from House of the Dragon,” Guadagnino shares. “There is something completely graceful about him and this beautiful physicality he has.”

Although it’s unclear exactly why Guadagnino will meet with Frankel, Guadagnino’s relationships with his onscreen muses run strong. Throughout the interview, Guadagnino had luminous things to say about Bones & All stars Chalamet and Taylor Russell.

“[Taylor] has this beautiful, transparent, apparent fragility and yet she’s so strong. And during the filming of the movie, she really resorted to all the depths of her experience as a woman that was really surprising,” Guadagnino muses. “I don’t take it lightly when someone gives that kind of incredible generosity to the act of acting. And when someone is as generous and as powerful as Taylor, then you can’t escape the power of the emotions that are on display.”

When it comes to working with Chalamet on Bones & All four years after Call Me By Your Name, Guadagnino says it was special to witness Chalamet grow up.

“You could see, four years apart, how the boy became the man and how the intuition became the intellect—but at the same time, how he was very happy and eager to be seen by the camera in a way that was completely free, despite him being a global star,” Guadagnino shares.