Regé-Jean Page responds to report claiming he wasn't cast in show because he's Black


Bridgerton star Regé-Jean Page responded to The Hollywood Reporter's story that he was allegedly passed over for a TV role because of his race.

On Tuesday, THR published an interview with actor Ray Fisher about his allegations against Justice League director Joss Whedon, who has been accused of racist and sexist behavior. Also named in the exposé was Geoff Johns, former co-chairman of DC Films who was a producer on the movie. Fisher said he heard about problematic incidents allegedly involving Johns outside of Justice League, like that he quashed the idea of Page being cast in Syfy's Krypton TV series because the actor is Black.

Page auditioned for the role of Superman's grandfather, but Johns, who was overseeing the project, said Superman could not have a Black grandfather, multiple sources tell THR. Through a rep, Johns didn't deny the accusation, explaining he thought fans expected the character to look like a young Henry Cavill. (Cavill plays Superman in the DC Universe.)

Page reacted to the story on Wednesday, tweeting, "Hearing about these conversations hurts no less now than it did back then. The clarifications almost hurt more [to be honest]."

After breaking out on Netflix's megahit Bridgerton, the 31-year-old British-Zimbabwean actor has become one of the hottest stars in Hollywood. So hot, in fact, he's in the position to turn down roles.

According to a separate THR report, Page declined the option to return as a guest star for Season 2 of Bridgerton. He was apparently offered $50,000 per episode with Netflix and Shondaland hoping he'd appear in three to five episodes. The actor, who only had a one-year contract, passed for many reasons — his exploding film career being one. But Bridgerton fans have been in mourning since last week's announcement.

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