Reese Witherspoon, Lisa Kudrow, And More Respond To Courteney Cox's Funny Hollywood Star Video

 Monica Gellar is angry on Friends.
Monica Gellar is angry on Friends.

There are few characters in television history known for their cleaning aptitude more than Monica Gellar from Friends. Several stories on the classic sitcom revolved around her cleaning her apartment, trying to clean others’ apartments and even washing strangers’ cars. Knowing this little Friends factoid is what makes Courteney Cox’s recent social media video — which shows her cleaning her Hollywood Star — so hilarious. Apparently a bunch of her famous friends thought so too, with Reese Witherspoon, Lisa Kudrow and more showing up in the comments.

The Instagram video shows Courteney Cox walking out of a building after seeing people marching all over her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, chastising them for not going around, before she whipped out her Homecourt surface cleaner and gave her plaque a good polish. Check out the hilarity below:

It wouldn’t be “pulling a Monica,” though, if she stopped at wiping down just her own star, and she proved what a great “Friend” she actually is, by taking the opportunity to clean the Hollywood Stars of some of those around her, including Laura Dern, bestie Jennifer Aniston and one of Friends’ best guest stars, Reese Witherspoon. The actress — who got to sit on the iconic orange couch as Rachel Green’s little sister Jill — showed her appreciation to Courteney Cox for a job well done, commenting:

Thanks for keeping us clean, Court!! 🤩

Lisa Kudrow’s Phoebe Buffay may not have always appreciated Monica’s strict rules for cleanliness — it was apparently the reason she moved out of the famous purple apartment — but the Friends actress was thrilled to see Courteney Cox showing that old habits die hard. Kudrow said:

Only the best thing ever

Several other big names also showed some love for the queen of clean, with The Other Two actress Molly Shannon throwing support behind some of Courteney Cox’s other Homecourt products:

  • Demi Moore: 😂😂😂love

  • Jaina Lee Ortiz: Genius

  • Molly Shannon: Hahaha so funny! Just came from kimmel and Homecourt candles were all over the studio and they smelled so good.

I mean, if you were going to trust anybody to keep those stars clean, it would be Monica Gellar, right? The woman who made her own cleaning solution? The woman who vacuumed her vacuum? The woman who coined the rhyme, “Foot on the floor or come over no more”?

Courteney Cox reunited with Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow in February, when the Monica Gellar portrayer was honored with her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. With the honor being less than a month old, it’s no wonder the actress is so protective of its cleanliness. It’s obvious that Cox still holds a special place for that character, and she even quoted the Friends theme song when discussing what she learned on the show to help her get where she is today.

You can see Courteney Cox in her new movie Scream VI, which is now in theaters, or you can rewatch her days as Monica, with all 10 seasons of Friends available to stream with an HBO Max subscription.