Ree Drummond Shares Sweet Birthday Post for 'Beautiful, Mighty' Daughter Paige

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Ree Drummond wishes her daughter Paige a happy birthday
Ree Drummond wishes her daughter Paige a happy birthday

Ree Drummond/Instagram

Ree Drummond had some loving words for daughter Paige on Wednesday.

In honor of her daughter's 23rd birthday, the Pioneer Woman star, 53, shared a sweet tribute to her on Instagram.

"Paige. My beautiful, mighty Paige. These photos show a few of her many facets. Working girl, cowgirl, horse lover, graduate, daughter, sister, friend," wrote Ree, who is also mom to Alex, Bryce, Todd, and foster son, Jamar.

Her heartfelt message included a carousel of photos of Paige's big milestones and special moments — from her graduation from college this year to her hugging one of the horses on the Drummond Ranch.

The last photo was particularly special. It was a throwback picture featuring Ree's late mother-in-law, Nan, holding Paige as a baby.

"She'll always be the girl in that very last pic. Nan was holding her in that photo, and I think about how proud she'd be of her granddaughter today…and how much of Nan Paige carries with her.❤️ Happy birthday, Paige!" she wrote.

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Paige was feeling all the love on her big day. "Love you so much mom!! ❤️ thank goodness I'm tall or I'd still have those legs :-)," she quipped in the comments section.

In May, Ree spoke with PEOPLE about how proud she was of her youngest daughter's accomplishments ahead of her graduation from the University of Arkansas.

"I'm so excited for her. She's had a great four years," the Food Network star told PEOPLE. "Of course, it was interrupted by the pandemic for several months just like every college student. But she's done great."

Ree has plenty to brag about when it comes to Paige's accomplishments — the now-23-year-old graduated with honors, plus she had a job lined up in Dallas.

"It's really fun to watch her. I can't believe she's ready to graduate. I feel like it was just yesterday that I dropped her off at college," she added.

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Ree Drummond wishes her daughter Paige a happy birthday
Ree Drummond wishes her daughter Paige a happy birthday

Ree Drummond/Instagram

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Later that month, Ree shared family photos from the milestone ceremony. The first featured Ree and husband Ladd posing next to the smiling graduate.

"We celebrated Paige this weekend. 🎓She's definitely ready for the next stage in life! (As for me, I'm ready for a nap," she captioned the post.

Paige, who was all decked out in her graduation regalia, snapped photos with her siblings, grandparents and more extended family members.

In a sweet photo along with three of the Drummond siblings, Bryce is pointing to Paige's diploma and making a silly face.

"On an unrelated note, Bryce is a goofball," Ree added to her post. Of course, she finished it in true proud-mom fashion. "Congratulations, Paigie.❤️"