Rebel Wilson's new dog grooming show has viewers claiming animal abuse

Rebel Wilson's new creative grooming show "Pooch Perfect" premiered Tuesday night, and even though it was a show about dogs there was also a fabulous flamingo, beautiful badger and precious little peacock. The show also featured some pretty famous dog lovers, like Lisa Vanderpump.

While there were viewers who enjoyed the show, a large number of viewers on Twitter felt it was animal abuse. One viewer tweeted, "The longer I watch this show, the worse I feel for these poor dogs." While another wrote, “How is Pooch Perfect not animal abuse? They spray and stress those poor animals. I've heard the hair dye causes asthma, kidney and liver issues.”

While some dogs did get a heavy dose of dyes, the groomers claim it is all fido-friendly. “All this stuff is dog-safe," contestant Jayne Gallagher said. "We respect the dog above all else.”

Even though many viewers thought the show was abusive and should be canceled, a former groomer pointed out on Twitter,"To those feeling sorry for the dogs, please don’t. The dogs have a great time, love the attention and praise. They don’t have fashion sense like we do and it washes out."