Rebel Wilson Shows Off Her Weight Loss After Working Out: ‘Gettin’ It!’

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Rebel Wilson/Instagram Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson is feeling herself after getting in a workout.

The Pitch Perfect star, 40, is staying in London at the moment and fit in an indoor cycling session this morning. Wilson shared a selfie of herself on the bike, adding the caption "Gettin' it! 💪🏻"

She followed that shot up with a series of photos of her jumping around her roof in leather leggings and a glittery black half-zip top.

"I do love a terrace," Wilson captioned one photo, and added the fire emoji to another.

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The Pooch Perfect host is keeping up with her workouts after losing about 60 lbs. in 2020, which she deemed her "year of health." Wilson told PEOPLE in February that her "goal was never to be skinny," and that she decided to lose weight for when she eventually wants to become a mom.

"It was initially for fertility reasons because I was thinking of a future mini me, and for that to happen, I've got to be in my healthiest shape ever," she explained.

Rebel Wilson/Instagram Rebel Wilson

In the process, she got down to about 165 lbs., but Wilson said she doesn't "focus too much on the numbers."

"I still look like me. I love being curvy and I'm still super curvy but just a healthier version. That was my goal."

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Wilson also realized that she had been an emotional eater for the last few years and had been using food as a crutch when she was feeling down.

"I would numb myself with food," she said. "I was traveling the world and I had a hectic lifestyle and my way of dealing with the pressure sometimes was eating ice cream and brownies, but at the end of the day, I wasn't treating myself with love. I'll have desert once or twice a week now. It's just not an every day thing, Having a sweet tooth will always be my vice, but online shopping has crept up a bit!"

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Wilson said that her hope for the rest of 2021 is to maintain her new, healthier lifestyle, and retain the lessons she's learned about her body image.

"It's been twenty years of an up and down struggle," she said. "I've wanted to share as much as I can and all the things I've learned. Going on long walks, eating more protein and just being grateful, those are things you don't need to go to some mega fancy facility to learn. I've learned to change my behavior slowly and become more healthy and I'm proud of myself but it's still a journey."