Can We Really Expect TV Legend Angela Lansbury To Join The Season 7 Cast Of 'Game Of Thrones'?


While he might not win any Teen Choice Awards, certainly not for Choice Male Hottie, Jim Broadbent brings some serious acting power to season seven of Game of Thrones. Just the news that he had been cast in a “mysterious role” had fans in a frenzy to whip up theories as to whom he might be playing. The Hollywood Reporter suggests Maester Marwyn or Maester Yandel, or perhaps several other Maesters. Basically, they think Broadbent is most definitely playing a Maester, and that’s a strong guess because it would fit Broadbent’s scholarly look.

Another theory has Broadbent in a different-yet-equally-crucial role: Howland Reed. Could the Harry Potter and Hot Fuzz actor be playing the man who once saved Ned Stark’s life by putting a sword in Arthur Dayne’s back? Who knows! It sure is fun to speculate about Game of Thrones, as we know, and since we have to wait almost a year until season seven begins, we will continue speculating about every last rumor until we have nothing left to talk about. And the latest rumor has TV legend and Murder, She Wrote star Angela Lansbury heading to Westeros next.

Best known for her roles in Murder, She Wrote, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, as well as voicing Mrs. Potts in Beaty and the Beast, Lansbury is said to be filming a minor cameo role that will feature across two of the season’s seven episodes. She will be on set for just four days.

HBO has yet to confirm whether Lansbury has a role in the show, while her publicist has yet to return our request for comment. (Via The Independent)

As that source notes, the rumor originates with the German website Bild, so for the sake of accuracy, let’s see what Bild initially “reported,” as translated by Google:

With it could “Game of Thrones” are still murderous!

Hot casting rumor for seventh season (likely summer 2017 TV) mega-series “Murder, She Wrote” star Angela Lansbury (90) is to play a guest role in two episodes.

Planned are four days of shooting, BILD found out production circles.

Perhaps Lansbury makes in “Game of Thrones” then murder again fun.

Sorry, I just really love Google translations. Obviously, we’re taking this rumor with a grain of salt, but it certainly would be awesome to see Lansbury on Game of Thrones, even if it’s only for two episodes. For the sake of theorizing, I have two guesses as to who she might play:

1) She’s Margaery Tyrell’s great-grandmother. You think Olenna Tyrell is pissed at Cersei for blowing up Margaery? Wait till you get a load of Lansbury as the even sassier old broad. Or…

2) She’s Lady Stoneheart. Yeah, I know Catelyn Stark was played by Michelle Fairley, so she should be Lady Stoneheart, but maybe Lansbury is just a huge fan and she personally asked for the part. It’d be hard to tell her no. At the very least, maybe Lady Stoneheart arrives and Lansbury plays the wise, old woman who teaches her how to use her undead powers. I’m just spitballing here.

Either way, let’s make it an important role and get Lansbury an Emmy already.