Real Housewives Whose Style Changed the Most Over the Years

Teresa Giudice
(Photo by: Scott Gries/Bravo via Getty Images)

What we love about watching any Real Housewives franchise is the chance to see an ordinary housewife elevate her style thanks to the peer pressure of Bravo cameras. When the series started, most women were embracing the 2000s style, which included black leather everything, studded Ed Hardy hats, and Juicy Couture velour jumpsuits. Looking back, if aliens had decided to visit our planet, they probably would have thought we were all tripping on acid.

However, as the years went on and the housewives started getting bigger checks, the style evolved. With the help of personal stylists, glam squads, and trolls, the women really started to change their OOTD and embraced designer names and labels. Let’s take a look back through the closets of some of our favorite Bravo stars, and give credit to the best Real Housewives glow ups.

Kim Zolciak

Even though Kim Zolciak Biermann is now embracing her all-black wardrobe, she has hoisted up her style tenfold. What’s that saying? The higher the hair, the closer to God. Kim seems to live her life by this motto. As fans will recall, she once wore her hair extremely feathered. Nowadays, she goes for a more sleek hairdo with more refined clothing. For Season 1’s promo photo, Kim was pictured wearing a long pink, ruffled gown, which she wouldn’t be caught in dead these days.

Again, the 2000s were not kind to most. Kim was caught wearing the epitome of high fashion in those days, which possibly consisted of multiple Limited 2 garments. The sweater dress was Kim’s go-to look for a red carpet, complete with french acrylic nails. But after her Real Housewives glow ups, she now wears more form fitting outfits to accentuate her curves and added jumpsuits to her weekly lineup.

Luann de Lesseps

The Welcome to Crappie Lake star is one of those Real Housewives who has only improved with age, just like a fine wine. Luann de Lesseps popped onto the scene in the Real Housewives of New York City with a signature style. The mother of two was leggy and tall, which she used to her advantage.

Luann often wore more conservative clothing due to the fact that she, at the time, had married a French Count. Along with her First Lady attire, she wore chunky necklaces and her hair in a short, flared bob. But after her divorce, she started to break out of her fancy pants box.

Now, fans see Luann wearing micro bikinis, revealing tank tops, and short dresses. Luann also still has a love for the glamorous and will often wear a Jovani dress for her nights when she is a cabaret star. The Countess’ new style has an easy, breezy, beautiful Covergirl feel, with fans mostly approving of the look.

NeNe Leakes

Say what you want about NeNe Leakes, but her style has always been ever-evolving and a bit eccentric. When NeNe first stepped onto the Real Housewives of Atlanta during Season 1, she brought a fire no one had seen before. NeNe wore her hair darker in the early years and again did her best to rock the Y2K fashion. NeNe often could be seen sporting halter satin dresses or oversized knits. Thankfully, her fashion has upgraded exponentially over the years, and she has now become somewhat of a fashion icon.

Even though NeNe still takes plenty of risks with her closet, they are more calculated. The mother of two has been rocking a beach blonde pixie cut, as well as long blonde locks. NeNe decided to pursue a complete glam look, which included more bodycon dresses and diamonds. Personally, NeNe has figured out her red carpet looks as the “Glam-ma” often wows the cameras during her appearances.

Teresa Giudice

God bless Teresa Giudice and her extreme, ever-changing fashion choices, since it has given fans the fuel they need to sometimes deal with her outbursts. The mother of four is the epitome of a chameleon when it comes to her Real Housewives of New Jersey style.

Teresa started her Real Housewives career wearing bedazzled tank tops and puffy headbands to hold back her self-induced scrunchy hair. Teresa has come a long way since Season 1, which included her wearing the epitome of the millennium fashion. Thanks to cargo pants, lime green baby tanks, and wedge mules, Teresa could have been the style icon for the decade.

Now, the newlywed has toned down her look (ever so slightly) and includes extreme ball gowns, more prominent, yet somehow flatter, hair, and a ton of makeup. Gone are the days of the headband, as Teresa is much more into fitted jeans with a bodysuit and tight dresses with the highest heels. Teresa does look good, but we all know she has had help from a filter or two.


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