Real Housewives of Potomac Season 8, Episode 12 Recap: Old Dogs and New Tricks

Real Housewives of Potomac Season 8, Episode 12 recap
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While most people were tuned into the Grammy’s last night, we were fully committed to The Real Housewives of Potomac, Season 8 Episode 12: “Blazed and Confused.”

In the previous episode, a few of the ladies took a field trip with Karen to Surry County. This week, there was still some lingering tension in the friend group over how Karen handled the invitation. The ladies who didn’t go to Surry felt frustrated at the last-minute invite. Meanwhile, Karen felt annoyed that everyone they didn’t drop everything and come to Surry County.

Throughout Season 8, Karen has been trying her hardest to piece together all of the broken friendships in Potomac. This week, she took a break from being the peacemaker. Instead, the Grande Dame got messy, and Mia found herself on the other end of it. Here’s what went down in RHOP Season 8, Episode 12.

Nneka has a lot to unpack

There’s a lot of stuff to unpack in this episode, but Nneka literally had a lot of stuff to unpack. In this episode, she opened the doors to her home again and showed the boxes upon boxes of unpacked items. There’s no stove. There’s barely any furniture. So, she invited the entire RHOP cast for an “unpacking party.” She needs as many hands as possible to get the house up and running.

We also learned that Nneka is launching a line of sparkling wines called Bido. In Nneka’s native language, bido means “to begin.” It’s supposed to be a more affordable alternative to champagne. She also revealed that she started coming up with the idea just four months before filming. That timing bears questioning.

At Nneka’s house, she got a visit from the infamous Lebe, her cousin-in-law and enemy of the Osefo family. It’s refreshing seeing Lebe on screen because she’s been the source of so much drama this season. She’s contributed more to the storyline than Charrisse and Kiearna. Why not strap a microphone on her and get her in front of the camera?

When visiting with Lebe, Nneka revealed that she received an invitation to an event being hosted by Wendy and Eddie. Everyone was surprised that Nneka landed an invitation. With things seemingly moving in a positive direction, Nneka said she might be open to moving forward with Wendy. This episode proved that it’s easier said than done.

A cannabis party with no cannabis

We all know the Osefos love to come up with a new business idea every season. We’ve seen political commentating, candles, and a lounge. This season, it was Wendy’s daytime talk show YouTube channel. Apparently, that wasn’t moving fast enough, so Eddie had to pick up the torch and pull together a cannabis line called Happy Eddie. To kick off the new business venture, the Osefos invited the entire RHOP cast to a joint-rolling party.

The cast arrived at the party and quickly learned that instead of rolling weed, they would be rolling oregano and other green spices. The woman running the event said she didn’t want to “scare” anybody by having them use real weed, which made zero sense. We’ve heard of fashion shows with no fashion, and now we have a weed party with no weed.

Two seconds into the oregano party, Karen came for Mia. She didn’t understand why Mia didn’t accept the second-string invitation to Surry and wanted to address the attitude she received over text. Karen said that Mia’s life is “boring” and she should have been chopping at the bit to participate in her event. Karen is adamant that Mia owes her for introducing her to the group.

Mia wasn’t entertaining any of Karen’s nonsense. She clapped back and told her that she was an old dog who needed to learn some new tricks. Everyone gasped, and Karen clapped back by calling Mia a trick. It was a shame there were no THC products to calm them down.

Extending an olive branch

Real Housewives of Potomac Season 8, Episode 12
Photo by: Jai Lennard/Bravo

Nneka accepted Wendy’s invitation to the oregano party, despite their ongoing beef. Nneka’s husband didn’t get invited, but she still showed up with a smile. She felt like Wendy was trying to extend an olive branch.

In the previous episode when they were in Surry County, Nneka invited Wendy to her unpacking party. Wendy huffed and puffed about how Nneka was skipping steps in trying to make amends. So, at the Happy Eddie party, Nneka pulled Wendy aside and invited her to have a one-on-one sitdown to address all of their drama.

In response, Wendy said that she wasn’t sure she should sit down with Nneka to resolve things, which was extremely confusing for Nneka and everyone watching at home. Nneka replied, “You said 20 steps had been skipped, so this is step one.”

Nneka was 100% accurate with that response — especially since it seemed like Wendy was already trying to make peace by inviting her to roll oregano. At this point, it kind of seems like Nneka can’t win with Wendy. Trying to move forward with her is an uphill battle.

Keeping up with the Thorntons

Real Housewives of Potomac Season 8, Episode 12 recap
Photo Credit: Bravo via YouTube

Real Housewives of Potomac Season 8, Episode 12 gave us a treasure trove of new info on Mia and G’s separation. Earlier this season, we followed them as they went to couples therapy. In this week’s episode, we saw them go on a daytime date to try to put some of what they learned in therapy into practice. It was eye-opening, to say the least.

First of all, Mia kind of went off on Gordon and said that he needed to take more accountability for getting them into this financial pickle. Apparently, there was a lot more to the story about Gordon being ousted from the family business. It sounds like the writing was on the wall well before they cut the cord.

Mia explained, “We didn’t just wake up one day, and the family said, “We don’t want you guys sitting in these seats.”

The next odd thing we learned was that Gordon only found out about Mia’s divorce lawyer because he found the receipts. Can you imagine how that conversation went?

Mia admitted to feeling frustrated about their financial problems. However, she claimed that didn’t factor into her seeking a divorce attorney. According to Mia, she wanted to get a divorce because of the “hostile environment” that Gordon created. Mia said he was being “hyena-ish.”

Then, the two of them talked about how things would look if they divorced. While Mia theorized that they would reach a divorce settlement, Gordon had another idea. He said they would just find an “arrangement that’s mutually beneficial” where they could stay together.

“I get what I want because I’m near a beautiful woman,” Gordon explained. “You get what you want by still having me around.”

Gordon insinuated that they had talked about this in the past, and it upset Mia. She claimed that she wouldn’t be down for that type of arrangement. According to Mia, no amount of money could make her be held in “captivity.” However, later in the episode, a heated conversation with Karen made it seem like there might already be some kind of arrangement on the table.

Pajamas and cardboard boxes

Real Housewives of Potomac Season 8, Episode 12
Photo by: Jai Lennard/Bravo

The episode ended with Nneka’s “unpacking party,” which was also a pajama party. It’s the first time she’s having all of the Housewives over, and she’s making them unpack her two-year-old wedding gifts. It’s a bit strange, and all of the ladies seem a bit unsure. First, they had to go to a cannabis party with no cannabis, and now you have to unpack someone’s stuff? What a terrible week.

Nneka invited Wendy but never received an RSVP. The newbie was hopeful that Wendy would come to the party, and she felt like it could be a new beginning for them. However, once the other ladies got there, they told Nneka that Wendy wouldn’t be attending.

It felt a little surprising that Wendy decided to skip the unpacking party — especially after Nneka came to the oregano event. Gizelle immediately clocked the shade. Meanwhile, Nneka tried to shrug it off. She said she’s used to the disrespect at this point.

The disrespect in Nneka’s house went to a whole new level when Karen and Mia started going after each other again. At the oregano party, Karen called Mia a trick, and she doubled down on it during the unpacking party. Mia clapped back at Karen and said, “It takes a trick to know a trick.”

Then, Karen decided to unleash a whole bunch of tea on Mia. She accused her of running around with a rapper in addition to hooking up with a married man. Of course, Mia denied that she was hooking up with any rappers but played coy when pressed about the rumors in her confessional interview.

In the episode, the ladies asked her if she was hanging out with a couple of rappers. The editors bleeped out the names, but the closed captions fully revealed that they were talking about YG and Lil Uzi Vert.

Mia said she wasn’t “dating” either of them but confirmed she spent some time with YG. She claimed Gordon was there too, which honestly presents even more questions. What’s going on, Messy Mia?

The Real Housewives of Potomac continues on Bravo, Sunday nights at 8/7c.


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