Real Housewives of Orange County Season 17, Episode 15 Recap: The Tipping Point

The Real Housewives of Orange County recap
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Let’s rewind to a more simpler time before Shannon Beador’s recent DUI arrest. The last episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County reunited the Tres Amigas in their homeland of Mexico. Vicki Gunvalson surprised Shannon and Tamra Judge with a loud whoop it up and the tequila shots were on!

The rest of the group wasn’t so thrilled with Vicki’s appearance. Namely, Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson. They weren’t too fond of her trash talking them in the press. Emily also wasn’t fond of Heather Dubrow likening her hair to Snuffleupagus. The two agreed to move on, but it seemed doubtful to happen. Tamra and Jennifer Pedranti had promised to move on over Tamra’s continuous gossiping about her relationship with Ryan Boyajian. But the two came to a head yet again when Tamra said Jenn ruined her family for a player. Would Jenn forgive Tamra yet again?

You can’t handle the truth!

Breakfast was over as the group told Tamra to sprinkle a little sugar on her delivery. Gina put on her best Mary Poppins and noted a spoonful of sugar helped the medicine go down. Ever the one upper, Tamra did her best Jack Nicholson impression and shouted, “If you can’t handle the truth, you can’t be my friend!” Meanwhile, Taylor Armstrong comforted Jenn as she called up Ryan. Ryan denied any wrong doing which left Jenn confused. Did the affair happen once, or was it year long like Tamra said?

It was time for a break from the drama as the ladies swam with turtles and went parasailing. Emily, Tamra, Gina, and Shannon went to go swim with the turtles. On the way there, Emily wasn’t over being called Snuffleupagus by Heather. Gina said Heather’s mom put her down so maybe that’s where it came from. Flashback to Heather’s mom telling her to sit up straight and get her elbows off the table. Emily didn’t buy it, but it was time to jump in and swim! They had one peaceful moment with the turtles and then whooped it up with tequila shots poured down their snorkels.

Meanwhile, Heather, Jenn, Taylor, and Vicki went parasailing. It was Vicki story time and she told the group how to let a masseuse know to give you a happy ending. Then she calmed any nerves by telling a tale of a woman who went parasailing in a storm only to never return. But it was Vicki who was the nervous one and screamed the whole time she was up in the air. Heather was right beside her and tried to calm her down by having her envision various office supplies and thoughts of insurance. Afterwards Vicki threw up over the boat. Maybe they should have swam with the turtles.

The more you know

That evening the ladies went out to dinner. Heather brought up Vicki’s story of how you bend one leg up to signal you want a happy ending for your massage. Everyone was perplexed and had never heard such a thing. Shannon asked if a woman did it and Vicki said she was all about the men. The group lost it when Vicki said the massage only cost forty dollars and she tipped a couple hundred. All we needed was a rainbow to swoop by with “the more you know” to cap off the story.

Shannon asked Jenn and Tamra if they were good because she thought they had made up back in Montana. Jenn and Tamra agreed and then Vicki swooped in again. Gotta earn that orange back! Vicki shouted that Ryan was the dirty one and Jenn should have made her marriage work because she had five kids. Gina jumped in and told Vicki to mind her own business. She’s just a “friend of” and not an official cast member after all. Can’t a girl have some peace and quiet to eat her chicken wings?

In another “more you know” segment, Vicki said she regretted leaving her marriage for a loser. Jenn broke down and shared she wished she was woman enough for her ex. In her confessional, Jenn admitted she thought she deserved what was being dished at her. Definitely not, but this is what comes with the territory of being on the RHOC.

Social media etiquette

It was their last day in Mexico, and Shannon was having personal hygiene issues. She had forgotten her toothbrush, and Vicki called her out for having a maxi pad hanging out of her butt. I guess gargling with tequila didn’t kill all the germs. Tamra saved the day and called the concierge for a toothbrush. Oh, tres amigas.

Then the group was off to go shopping or to see a shaman. On the way we got the Real Housewives trope of the “who follows who on social media” fight. Emily shared breaking news that Heather followed her on Insta. Emily said Heather probably felt left out because she unfollowed everyone. She concluded everyone was a peasant for following Heather, and Heather showed she was better than them by not following back. Gina added following someone on social was personal. How old are we again?

Every time Heather tried to explain herself, she got told by Tamra to tone it down, or Emily would interrupt her. Emily then joked she blocked Heather which cracked Taylor up. Heather had enough. When the bus stopped she hopped off and said she was going to go home. Vicki told Tamra, Shannon, and Jenn that Heather felt picked on. Shannon was upset because she didn’t have her turn yet to have a go about BravoCon. We heard Heather on her mic exclaim several times she hated the group and was ready to bounce. Ouch.

Tamra and Jenn are friends again

Contrary to what Heather said, she decided to stick with it and stay on the trip. Emily and Gina hung together during the shopping excursion, while Taylor and Heather had a one on one. Heather didn’t think she could trust Taylor with her true feelings but she had no other options. She told Taylor no matter what she said was wrong and she was getting bamboozled from all sides. Taylor agreed it wasn’t right, but they thought Heather was better than them. She added they are probably jealous because she’s rich, honey!

While Taylor and Heather had their impromptu shaman session, the rest of the group had their official one. Apparently there is only one shaman in Tulum because I’m pretty sure he’s been on other Housewives shows. He had the group state what their purpose was. Tamra wanted to be trusted, Jenn wanted clarity, Vicki wanted to fill her love tank, and Shannon wanted to partner with him on her new line of stay put maxi pads. The shaman was just what the doctor ordered and Tamra gave Jenn a big hug and said she was sorry. Jenn admitted she probably had sucker written on her forehead but she was ready to forgive.

Should I stay or should I go?

Everyone met up at giant treehouse restaurant for a final lunch in Mexico. They talked about their shaman experience and how Jenn and Tamra were good now. Vicki admitted she was open to possibly marrying her boyfriend but they weren’t ready yet. Heather was surprised Vicki wasn’t all in like she normally was. Tamra said Heather said the same thing about Shannon and her relationship in Montana. Heather admitted comments Shannon made sounded like she was still figuring things out. Shannon retorted Heather should have said it that way then. Heather was over the word police.

Shannon saw this as her opening and confronted her about BravoCon. Heather said it wasn’t Shannon talking about the group, it was Tamra. A light bulb went off in Emily’s head and she remembered it was Tamra. “Oops, my bad,” she said.

Tamra said she heard Heather call the group losers. Heather said she was referring to Noella Bergener. But no one listened and Gina had a fit. Heather was shocked Gina would believe Tamra, whom Gina warned her not to trust. She stormed off and met Vicki at the bar. Heather said she was done with the show.

Then we got an ominous “four hours later” on the screen. The tres amigas were dancing and happy to end the trip together. Tamra added she was going to reevaluate her friendship with Heather. Meanwhile, Heather told Jenn she was happy she stood up to Tamra. In her confessional, Heather said she was going to show Gina proof that Tamra was talking about her. Sounds like Heather decided to stick around for the finale.

Real Housewives of Orange County continues Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.


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