Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Luis Ruelas Booed at Charity Softball Game

(Photo by MEGA/GC Images)
(Photo by MEGA/GC Images)

Wow, I’ve never seen such consistent antics at a charity softball game two years in a row, but here we are. The Real Housewives of New Jersey crew try to stop fighting each other and instead fight for philanthropy, but it still manages to be a mess.

While the cast take sides and spar with each other, the folks attending the softball game took issue with Luis Ruelas. It looks like despite Teresa Giudice’s best efforts, the general public still feels some type of way about Luis. The U.S. Sun has the scoop.

So much boo

Tre and Luis showed up and showed out along with the RHONJ cast. Everyone was looking great even if they weren’t speaking or fighting in a corner. Luis’ teeth were whiter and brighter than ever as he smiled away. Unfortunately, some of the fans weren’t feeling his obvious glee.

Sources with boots on the ground said Luis wasn’t greeted with applause and cries of joy. Instead, they booed his ass. “Every time his name was called on the loudspeaker, the crowd booed him,” the eyewitness said.

And it wasn’t just an unruly group of Melissa Gorga lovers, it was basically the entire lot. “It was the majority of the crowd, not just a handful of people,” the insider shared. Oh, the poor man must have been so embarrassed. Luis has tried to redeem himself but I guess people just can’t shake how he acted at the Season 13 reunion. You know, where he kind of threatened certain cast members and acted all tough.

Not heckled too!

He must have made a lasting impression. Here we are all these months out from the reunion and viewers are still mad. “It happened each time he went to bat too, so he got booed multiple times throughout the three-hour game,” they continued. Hopefully, this is only reserved for the game and Luis isn’t getting booed walking down the street. But you know, dressing in your deceased father-in-law’s pajamas can just rub some people the wrong way I guess.

Luis also got heckled! What has this world come to?? “Some fans in the crowd even made remarks like, ‘I hope he strikes out!'” Tre’s hubby was subjected to boos as soon as he arrived at the event, per the source.

Despite the crowd’s unsavory reaction, Luis held his head high and remained “unbothered.” He was “focused on the game” and hanging out with the cast members who currently speak to his wife.

Season 14 is underway and everyone is playing ball.


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