Real Housewives of Dubai 's Caroline Stanbury Dishes on Her Fight With Chanel Ayan

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Real Housewives of Dubai 's Caroline Stanbury Dishes on Her Fight With Chanel Ayan

The Real Housewives of Dubai wasted no time diving into the drama.

Chanel Ayan found herself at odds with two of her fellow cast members during the Bravo series' premiere episode on June 1, and now, one of them is weighing in on the spat: Caroline Stanbury.

The Ladies of London alum appeared on E! News' While You Were Streaming on June 2, exclusively revealing that she was actually proud of how she handled the situation—which, ICYMI, stemmed from Caroline choosing not to invite Ayan to her hen party. So, when Caroline and the other ladies started raving about how much fun said party was during a dinner hosted by Nina Ali, Ayan called them out.

Naturally, this led to the pair exchanging a few harsh words. However, according to Caroline, she's yet to see viewers "really pick a side."

"The thing is, I have my people that have known me from before," Caroline said, referencing her stint on the London-based reality show. "I haven't had any sort of bad reactions to my side. I think they kept saying, 'You managed to keep your cool.'"

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That, she added, would probably not have been the case years prior. But now, her mentality is "I'm not gonna get into it; I'm just not gonna go there."

Granted, Caroline did say she couldn't "bear" Ayan and that she had no desire to get to know her, but she attributes that to her and Ayan being "very different characters. "

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Caroline may not have seen RHODubai fans taking a strong stance on her tiff with Ayan, but she did notice they were quite upset over something else. "People were so shocked I didn't jump out of bed and clean my sheets when the dog peed on it," Caroline revealed. "They're up in arms. I was like, 'Relax people, it's a puppy!'"

Otherwise, she added, her return to Bravo was pretty well received. "It has been unbelievable," Caroline said. "I think just everyone's so excited to see what Dubai looks like, to have us back just for so many different reasons. I've been blown away."

Caroline's RHODubai co-stars may not have the reality TV experience she does, but lucky for them, Housewives from several other franchises were willing to lend a helping hand.

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Case in point: Ayan, who also appeared on While You Were Streaming, said that she's heard from New Jersey's Dolores Catania, Potomac's Askale Davis, and Salt Lake City's Jen Shah—the latter of whom she speaks to "almost every day."

Lesa Milan, meanwhile, has been "chit-chatting" with Real Housewives of Atlanta's Kenya Moore. "She's so, so sweet," Lesa shared on WYWS. "They've all just been so nice and helpful. It's kind of like a sorority."

Some of the RHODubai ladies are even close friends with their fellow Housewives. Caroline Brooks said that she and Atlanta alum Phaedra Parks have known each other for "a long time," and that her biggest piece of advice for being a Housewife was "be yourself," all while keeping "a level head."

Added Brooks, "She kind of wants me to just get in there and do my thing."

Hear more from the Real Housewives of Dubai on the full episode of While You Were Streaming.

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