Real fake band Daisy Jones & The Six releases even more real fake music

Daisy Jones & The Six
Daisy Jones & The Six

At what point does a TV band become, well, just a band? It happened to The Monkees, and The Commitments, and even spoofy hair metal rockers Spinal Tap (who opened for themselves as the equally goofy trio The Folksmen from A Mighty Wind on their 2001 tour, no less!). Does it have something to do with the stand-alone quality of the music and the power of the vocals behind it (looking at you, iconic 2019 Gaga/Cooper “Shallow” performance), or maybe the popularity 0f the group’s tour (how many Gleeks out there still have their t-shirts)?

If all it takes is recording and releasing an album that actually goes on to become a hit, then the titular band from Prime Video’s Daisy Jones & The Sixthe first from a scripted series to nab a #1 spot on the Billboard Emerging Artists chart–is now a real band one and a half times over.

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(Side note: We could say the same for The Six’s fictional predecessor The Dunne Brothers, although we have a sneaking suspicion their single “Look Me In The Eye” has been streamed over half-a-million times on Spotify because the way Sam Claflin says the word “wheel” is really freaking funny and not because the song is, you know, actually any good.)

Even though the show concluded with two (heartbreaking) episodes last week, the band–led by Riley Keough and Sam Claflin–is not done yet. Atlantic Records dropped two more previously unreleased tracks from the show’s penultimate episode today as a “special gift for our fans”: “It Was Always You,” the (a little too on-the-nose) ballad Daisy sings to not-quite-lover Billy, and “Aurora - Live From SNL.” You can listen to the new tracks here.

Josh Whitehouse, who plays bitter bassist Eddie in the series, teased the release this morning in a Tik Tok talking about showing up at the studio for band practice with Daisy Jones & The Six. Could this be just for these two songs or is the much-teased tour finally happening? Either way, we’ll never say to watching more mess and angst from these crazy kids.

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