Get Ready for a Trump ‘Resurrection Run in 2024’

Peter Wade
·2 min read

As the president continues to lie about the 2020 election being stolen from him, his aides are already discussing a Trump 2024 presidential run.

During a Thursday report on CNN, White House Correspondent Jim Acosta said aides to the Trump campaign have already raised the topic of a “resurrection run in 2024” with the president.

“There are some aides and advisers who are starting to talk about the potential not only that the president is going to lose this election, but that he may mount some sort of resurrection run in 2024,” Acosta said, adding, “Some have even talked about it with the president himself.”

Acosta went on to explain that the talk of a 2024 Trump run points to a “growing pessimism inside the campaign” regarding the current vote count. And one Trump campaign advisor told CNN that it’s “looking increasingly bleak in Georgia for the president.”

Acosta made it clear that despite the pessimism in Donald Trump’s camp, the president has not given up on winning the current election and is trying to “gin up enough outrage out there… to change the outcome.”

Like a horror movie murderer who just won’t die, the brutal reality of a Trump who refuses to go quietly always seemed like a certainty. So now, before the curtain has officially dropped on the awful original, it appears a sequel may already be in the works.

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