Get Ready to Be Scared Sick Because This ‘Horror Movie of the Year’ Is So Terrifying It's Making Viewers Queasy, And I Can Confirm

 The First Omen.
The First Omen.
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In the world of horror movies, making audience members lose their lunch, which was the case with 2022’s Terrifer 2, seems to be a badge of honor. The latest movie that is allegedly making viewers queasy is the prequel The First Omen. Usually, I'd approach such claims skeptically. But having watched this chilling flick myself, I can attest to its intensity. Multiple scenes even made me, a seasoned horror hound, feel my stomach churn. Believe the hype— The First Omen might just be the horror movie of the year.

A prequel to Richard Donner’s 1976 classic, The First Omen has been generating buzz for several reasons, most notably for its intense violence. The film's gruesome birth scene was so graphic that it almost received an NC-17 rating. According to UNILAD, this particular scene has been making viewers give the technicolor yawn. Ed Potton, from The Times, hilariously wrote:

As for the graphic birth scenes, let’s just say that one of these is definitely not born every minute. This is Call the Midwife directed by Satan.

Having seen the movie, I can attest that the birth scene is incredibly intense. Yet, according to director Arkasha Stevenson in an interview with CinemaBlend's Jeff McCobb, this isn’t even the most shocking part of the film. How about the 20-foot incubus phallus? It's easy to miss the demon dong amid the constant barrage of disturbing visuals that fill the screen every few minutes. I cannot emphasize enough how exceptional The First Omen is—not only is it one of the standout horror movies of the year, but it's also one of the finest prequels ever made, strongly justifying the case for making prequels in the first place.

The prequel horror flick has garnered an impressive 80% rating from 158 critics on Rotten Tomatoes, and it truly deserves it. So far, it has earned $35 million globally on a reported budget of $30 million. I'm hopeful these numbers will continue to rise because I would personally love to see more from this universe and this director, especially after hearing her exciting ideas for a potential sequel.

The First Omen marks a significant return for The Omen franchise, which had been quiet since the poorly received 2006 remake. It's been nearly two decades since the chilling tales of Damien Thorn, Satan’s child, have graced the screen. This time, director Arkasha Stevenson brings a fresh twist that might just have even seasoned horror buffs pitching a pavement pizza. Her knack for crafting squirm-inducing scenes has added much-needed vitality to the series. Diverging from earlier sequels that either followed Damien’s unnerving lifecycle or barely touched on him, Stevenson's installment explores the origins of Damien, unveiling aspects of his story that fans didn't even know they were missing. It looks like the future of this devilish series might just be wickedly bright.

If you’re in the mood for a film that could cause a tummy tantrum, The First Omen is now terrifying theatergoers everywhere. Or, for a nostalgic chill, you can revisit its 1970s predecessor with a Hulu subscription.

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