'NCIS' Fans, CBS Delivered a Surprise Update About the Premiere of 'Origins'

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Well, NCIS fans, it looks like we're about to get a brand-new story from one of the most beloved characters in the franchise.

Back in 2021, fans of the CBS drama were heartbroken after learning that Mark Harmon was leaving the show after 19 seasons. Now, however, fans will have the chance to reconnect with his character, Leroy Jethro Gibbs in a totally new way.

Per Deadline in early January, CBS announced the order of a new series in the hit TV franchise, a prequel show titled NCIS: Origins. Premiering during the 2024-2025 broadcast television season, Mark will narrate the new series and executive produce along with his son, Sean Harmon. Sean previously portrayed the younger version of Gibbs on the original show. NCIS writer-producers Gina Lucita Monreal and David J. North are also attached to the project as producers and showrunners.

"The character of Gibbs has been an important part of my life for 20 years, both in watching my father craft the role and previously having the honor to play young Gibbs myself," Sean said. "I always felt there was a tale worth telling about his earlier years, so I am thrilled to be stepping into a producing role alongside Gina, David and my dad as we tell this story and reveal a new side of this beloved character."

"We are elated and honored to continue the expansion of the NCIS universe in such a unique and unexpected way," said Amy Reisenbach, president of CBS Entertainment in a statement, per Variety. "Viewers can look forward to Mark Harmon returning to CBS to narrate the complex and mysterious backstory of Leroy Jethro Gibbs’ early years in NCIS: Origins, which will build on the rich legacy of this character while reintroducing fan-favorite characters and meeting new ones."

Now that we know we'll get to see more of Gibbs' early days, let's deep dive into what fans can expect:

What is NCIS: Origins about?

As for what NCIS: Origins will be about, an official press release states the show will take place in 1991 and see Gibbs as a new special agent at the NCIS Camp Pendleton office. It's there that he will have to prove his place on a "ragtag team led by NCIS legend Mike Franks."

While other details about the plot of NCIS: Origins are currently under wraps, there have been a number of cast announcements.

Who is in the cast of NCIS: Origins?

NCIS fans, let us re-introduce you to Leroy Jethro Gibbs. We now know who will play the younger version of the man made famous by actor Mark Harmon. In an announcement made by Deadline on March 4, fans learned actor Austin Stowell is set to step into Gibbs' shoes and play the government agent during his first years on the job.

The show's official Instagram celebrated the news by sharing a screenshot of the article online. "#NCISverse, meet Gibbs… again. 👋," read the caption.

In a reveal made by Deadline on March 15, actress Mariel Molino will be playing the female lead alongside Austin's Gibbs as Special Agent Lala Dominguez. Mariel confirmed the news herself with screenshots of the article posted on Instagram the same day. "Here we goooooo back to the '90s!!! 💋 Lala 🖤 #ncisorigins #ncis," she ecstatically wrote.

As for Mariel's role on the series, Lala is described as a former Marine, who works her way through the male-dominated world of NCIS with "a steely resolve and dark sense of humor." She also has the pleasure of Gibbs joining her team, with the duo creating "sparks and turns that will keep the audience guessing."

If this doesn't hype us even further to see NCIS: Origins, Deadline surprised fans on March 21 by revealing who would play young Mike Franks, the NCIS agent who leads the team Gibbs joins. According to the outlet, actor Kyle Schmid (last seen in a recurring role on ABC's Big Sky) will take on the role originated by Muse Watson on NCIS. Shortly after the news broke, Kyle expressed his elation for playing such an iconic role with an emotional note on Instagram.

"I’m absolutely thrilled for this," he captioned the post featuring the images of the article. "Cannot wait to bring this story to life and grateful to Muse Watson for crafting such a dynamic character. Truly wonderful writing and talented cast. Blown away."

For those who aren't familiar with Mike Franks in the NCIS franchise, the outlet describes Kyle's version of the character as "a proud Texan who all but showers in his cowboy boots and sports a perfectly coiffed mustache that’s as thick as his skin." He's also a leader, whose moral compass makes him "determined to find justice by any means necessary."

As for Muse's original iteration of the role, he recurred as Franks throughout the first eight seasons of NCIS. The character was killed off in season 8, but Gibbs often "saw him" again when he needed advice on tough cases.

Is there a trailer for NCIS: Origins?

Not exactly.

Although the actual trailer for NCIS: Origins has yet to be released, fans got a taste of what's to come thanks to a first-look sneak peek posted on YouTube on May 2. Showing what appeared to be Gibbs fishing in a lake, the clip confirmed that the show will debut on CBS this fall.

"We know how his story ended," the 10-second snippet teased. "Now, see how it all began."

Well, seeing this has us totally intrigued...

Where can I watch and stream NCIS: Origins?

While NCIS: Origins isn't available to watch yet, fans can expect a fall premiere with episodes airing throughout the 2024-2025 TV season on CBS.

Additionally, given how the other iterations of the franchise also drop new episodes on Paramount+, folks should expect NCIS: Origins to air on the streamer as well. In order to be prepared, the site offers plans that start at $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year. Once you have an account set up, you'll likely be able to watch it on Paramount+'s website or the Paramount+ app.

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