‘Razor’ Creator Everette Hartsoe Plans ‘Bayonet’ Franchise With ‘Hitman’s Bodyguard’ Outfit & E! Entertainment Co-Founder

Andreas Wiseman
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EXCLUSIVE: Campbell Grobman Films, executive producers on action pics Rambo 5, The Hitman’s Bodyguard and the Angel Has Fallen, is teaming up with comic book writer Everette Hartsoe and E! Entertainment co-founder and producer Alan Mruvka to produce a feature film based on new Hartsoe character Bayonet.

The Bayonet story will follow Emma Harlow, a biracial British SAS officer stationed in Afghanistan. After Harlow is thought to be killed in combat, she wakes up in an underground lab with no memory or identity. Instead, she is told she is now a ‘Bayonet’. Because of a chip implanted in the brain, a Bayonet is an agent whose lethal skills are second to none and is called upon by the British government to complete the most lethal black ops missions.

The companies are aiming to create a franchise around the character.

Bayonet will lead the next generation of superheroes that every little girl will look up to,” said Christa Campbell of LA-based Campbell Grobman Films.

Hartsoe, founder of London Night Studios, is best known for female vigilante comic series Razor, the only comic to do a crossover with Crow.

He explained: “I am very excited to be joining forces with Campbell Grobman Films. Christa Campbell is a producer that knows how to make high octane action films that appeal to a wide demographic. They will take the character Bayonet to a new level. Most of my creations are female protagonists, so teaming up with female producers is the best synergy I could’ve imagined.”

He continued: “I’ve known Alan Mruvka for more than 20 years so writing the comic book with him has been seamless and an absolute joy. We are like kids on a rollercoaster, excited to see where the story takes us.”

Mruvka (Pacific Blue), who in the 80’s co-founded the Movietime Channel, which later became E! Entertainment TV, has been out of the business for a decade but is making a producing comeback with the project under his new banner The Alan Mruvka Company.

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