Ray Liotta received a horse head from Frank Sinatra's daughters while filming 'The Rat Pack'

On Wednesday’s Jay Leno’s Garage, Ray Liotta shared a story about a strange incident that occurred while he was filming The Rat Pack. Liotta played Frank Sinatra in the HBO movie, but it wasn’t his first time being offered a role as the iconic crooner. Turns out Sinatra’s daughters, Tina and Nancy Sinatra, had offered him the role in a television miniseries they were making.

“The daughters, they wanted me to do a miniseries when they were doing a miniseries about it and I just felt too uncomfortable,” Liotta recalled.

When he later agreed to play Sinatra in The Rat Pack, he received a strange package one day.

“We were doing the movie and I got delivered a horse's head,” Liotta said. “Obviously it wasn't a real one, but it was a horse's head. And, you know, a horse's head means you're toast.”

Sending someone a severed horse head is supposed to be a threat, and was made famous by the hit film The Godfather. In this case the head was fake, as was the intention behind it.

“It turned out that his daughters sent it and said, ‘Oh, you could do this one, but you couldn't do the one that we wanted you to?’” Liotta said with a smile.

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