Ray Lewis Blasts Black Lives Matter Over Silence On Black-On-Black Crime

"I'm trying to figure out why no one is paying attention to black men killing black men."

Former Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis posted a passionate 10-minute video to his Facebook page in which he questioned how the Black Lives Matter movement could ignore black-on-black crime.

“I’m trying to figure out why no one is paying attention to black men killing black men,” Lewis said.

The video, which received about 43,000 likes and has been viewed more than three million times, was created to call attention to the recent surge of violence in Chicago.

“Why do we always find ourselves half the victims,” the 40 year old said. “Why do we always find ourselves half the victims, and now we have the separation once again that we’re being victimized because of one bad white cop, two bad white cops, three bad white cops, killing a young black brother. But every day we have black-on-black crime, killing each other? Police in Chicago reported 677 shootings this year. Last year, it was 359. The March murder rate rose by 29 percent, but we’re not rioting in the streets [when] black on black killing each other,”

The legendary linebacker seems to think with the recent rising in violence in Chicago, that (some) black people don’t appreciate other black people.

“I’m just asking this one simple thing: When will we appreciate who we are? When will our skin color start paying attention to our own skin color? “I’m trying to figure out how in the month of march there’s more murders in Chicago then there are then there are days in the month. Forty-five murders in the month of [March] in Chicago.”

While some people were in full support of Lewis speech, others felt as if he was a little tardy to the party. Activist Tamika D. Mallory to Instagram Saturday to respectfully disagree with the NFL champ.

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