Rare Three-Way Tie on ‘Price Is Right’

A rare occurrence took place on The Price Is Right on Monday: There was a three-way tie to score $1 on the wheel. This is so rare that when it happened on Sept. 27, 1991, then host Bob Barker told the contestants it was only the second time. (It also happened on Oct. 30, 2003.) The show is now in its 45th season, and this is the first time three contestants have tied at $1 since Drew Carey took over hosting duties in 2007.

When the first contestant to spin the wheel got $1 on her second spin, she celebrated like she was going to the Showcase Showdown. It’s understandable she’d think the odds were against even one of the other contestants tying her. The next contestant rolled a 50 with his first spin, so the only chance he had of going to a spinoff was to roll a second 50, and that’s exactly what he did. The third contestant rolled a 30 on her first spin and got the necessary 70 on her second.

In the spinoff, the second contestant won with an 80. His luck kept up as he went on to win the Showcase Showdown by only $193.

Check out this ‘Family Feud’ contestant’s unbelievable score:

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