'Rare' Snow Rollers Form on Utah State University's Brigham City Campus

A “rare” meteorological sight was spotted on the snowy lawn at Utah State University Brigham City on March 9.

Utah State University Brigham City shared this footage of snow rollers dotting the ground outside the university on March 9. Snow rollers form when a light dusting of snow is pushed along by wind and collects into mounds.

Snow rollers are “rare” and “delicate” creations that need a precise mix of moisture, snow, wind, and temperature to form, the National Weather Service said.

A woman in the video, identified as Della Burwell, said she was pulling into work at the university when she noticed what looked like “a bunch of snowballs on the lawn.”

“I kept looking for footprints in the snow but there is none,” Burwell says in the video. “The wind has picked up enough snow and started rolling and making snowballs … there’s a bazillion of them out here.”

Burwell said she researched the phenomenon online and found out it’s “a once-in-a-lifetime thing” due to the specific conditions it takes to create the formations. Credit: Utah State University Brigham City via Storyful