Rapper Jeezy Pulls A U-Turn On Request For Full Custody Of Daughter

Jeannie Mai and Jeezy out and about in New York City
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The custody drama between Jeezy and his estranged wife, Jeannie Mai, continues in the rapper's latest filing about their daughter.

The "Soul Survivor" hitmaker changed his tune about wanting full custody of their child just days after he slammed Mai as an absentee mother. Now, he is seeking a new custody arrangement for their 2-year-old daughter, Monaco.

Jeezy Reveals Agreed Informal Custody With Jeannie Mai Broke Down

Jeannie Mai and Jeezy are seen leaving Christian Siriano Fall Winter 2020 fashion week during New York Fashion Week

According to new court documents filed on April 16 in Fulton County, Georgia, Jeezy — real name Jay Wayne Jenkins — wants the court to grant him and Mai joint custody of their daughter.

He is willing to share legal and physical custody of his daughter, Monaco. Also, he wants the court to determine a specific parenting schedule in the best interest of his child.

Jeezy explained in the filing that he and Mai had arranged an informal custody agreement last year; however, that broke down at the beginning of 2024. According to the rapper, he "really has not had any significant parenting with the minor child all year."

The court documents obtained by ET alleged that Mai has prevented her estranged husband from communicating with their daughter through FaceTime by blocking his number. These allegations matched the story Jeezy shared in his previous filing.

Jeezy Slammed Jeannie Mai As An Absentee Mother

Jeannie Mai at the 2023 Baby2Baby Gala

As reported by The Blast, Jeezy filed for primary custody of his daughter after Mai allegedly failed to honor the terms of their parenting time arrangement. In his filing, he bashed his ex as an absentee mother who wasn't directly catering to Monaco's needs.

Jeezy claimed their daughter has predominantly been under the care of Mai's mother and brother, while Mai, as the host of "The Talk," maintained a demanding travel schedule.

He stressed that he was supposed to have allotted time with his daughter per the custody and parenting time arrangement he and Mai agreed upon in a previous mediation. However, his estranged wife had other ideas.

Jeezy accused Mai of interfering with his rights, claiming he has been denied parenting time with Monaco over the past two months. Given his ex's alleged unwillingness to cooperate and inability to care for their daughter directly, he believed he deserved sole custody.

The Rapper Wants The Court To Enforce Their Prenuptial Agreement

Jeezy at the 2023 GQ Men Of The Year

Last December, The Blast shared that Jeezy's separation from Mai was getting heated with his request to enforce their prenuptial agreement. This motion came three months after he filed for divorce in September 2023.

In his court documents, Jeezy asked for a judge to incorporate all of the terms and provisions of the prenup into the final judgment of their divorce. He noted the pair signed the agreement on March 26, 2021, a day before they walked down the aisle.

The rapper also argued that the prenup's validity remained unchanged, claiming it met the requirements for enforcement under the three-prong test, often called the Scherer test. The document read:

"There is no question that both parties were capable of reading and understanding the terms and provisions of the agreement. Both parties are public figures who are no strangers to a contract."

The Estranged Couple Do Not Agree On The Validity Of Their Prenup

Jeannie Mai and Jeezy running errands in Downtown

In his filing to enforce their prenuptial agreement, Jeezy stressed that it wasn't "obtained through mistake, misrepresentation or nondisclosure of material facts. Specifically, both parties were vigorously represented by independent counsel in the negotiations."

The rapper claimed that he and Mai cohabited for about a year before getting married and "disclosed all relevant financial information to the other of their respective assets, liabilities, and overall financial net worth" during the period.

However, his estranged wife shared a different narrative. According to Mai, their prenuptial agreement should be deemed "unconscionable," but Jeezy argued that "an existing disparity of wealth" between them did not render their prenup unconscionable.

A prenuptial agreement is deemed unconscionable if it is "abhorrent to good morals and conscience." This refers to a situation where one party "takes fraudulent advantage of another."

The TV Show Host Accused The Rapper Of Cheating

Jeannie Mai and Jeezy

The divorce drama between Jeezy and Mai thickened in December with bombshell claims against the rapper. As reported by The Blast, "The Real" host accused her estranged husband of cheating during their marriage.

In court documents, Mai implored a judge to uphold the infidelity clause in their prenup, which featured a penalty for a cheating spouse. This move seemingly implied that Jeezy had been unfaithful, with the document noting it wasn't limited to sexual relations.

Infidelity, per the filing, refers to any engagement in sexual relations, emotional relationships, and emotionally or sexually suggestive communications with a third party via all forms of electronic communication.