Rapper French Montana To Be Dismissed From Sexual Assault Lawsuit

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Rapper French Montana is set to be dismissed from a 2-year old sexual battery lawsuit, filed by a woman who says she was assaulted in the musician's L.A. home.

According to new legal documents, obtained by The Blast, the parties have reached a settlement in the days before the case was headed for trial. We broke the story, a woman filed the suit under 'Jane Doe' alleges she was raped inside of his home following a recording session.

"The court and counsel confer regarding the status case. Counsel informs the court the parties have reached a settlement," a new court order reads.

French Montana Settles Sexual Assault Lawsuit In Days Before Trial Starts

Rapper French Montana Settles 'Jane Doe' Sexual Assault Lawsuit

It's unclear if any money changed hands in the process. Normally, a case like this is settled with the filing party receiving something for agreeing to dismiss the case. The rapper was previously due in court on March 14 for a trial in this case.

As we reported, the woman accused the rapper and his business partner of "assault and battery, sexual battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligent hiring, supervision and retention, and negligence."

In the original lawsuit, she claimed French "had a longstanding practice of inviting women to their recording sessions, or choosing women at bars, and inviting them back to the Hidden Hills house." The woman alleged the group would supply women with drinks and drugs, "with the purpose of engaging in sexual acts with them, without any regard to whether or not they consented, or were able to consent."

Alleged Victim Gives Graphic Details Of Night Inside French Montana's Home

Rapper French Montana Settles 'Jane Doe' Sexual Assault Lawsuit

"Defendants would be in control of how much alcohol was provided, always making sure there were excessive amounts, given and encouraging the women to drink," the suit read. Adding, "Defendants would sometimes without the women’s knowledge or consent provide drugs to interfere with the women’s ability to knowingly consent to sexual activity."

In some cases, she claims the rapper would take drugs and encourage party-goers to do the same.

In this specific case, the alleged victim says on March 28, 2018, she was invited to a recording studio off La Brea Ave. in Los Angeles and during the session, Montana showed interest in her and invited her back to his home in Hidden Hills. She claims the group arrived at his home around 6 am, and says thirty minutes later she made a call outside to her friend and was "lucid." At this point, she claims she returned to the kitchen of the home and was told to take a shot of alcohol by the crew.

Unclear If Settlement Involved Any Payment To Alleged Victim

Rapper French Montana Settles 'Jane Doe' Sexual Assault Lawsuit

At some point, she claims to have completely blacked out, and remembers being incapacitated while "several men" were "coming in and out of the bedroom." She believes the rapper was "one of the men who entered the room and sexually assaulted her."

In the end, she says she woke up and was confused and started "crying hysterically because she felt that she had been drugged and raped." The alleged victim went to a local hospital and had a rape kit administered. The test showed traces of semen, and she claims to have reported the assault to the police. It's unclear if the criminal investigation is ongoing.

The lawsuit originally was seeking damages for "extreme emotional distress, anxiety, flashbacks, and depression."

Following the settlement, the case will most likely be dismissed.