Ranking the classic Capri Sun flavors

Does Capri Sun live up to the nostalgia hype?

Video Transcript

KATIE MATHER: Did you know that Capri Sun is the first juice drink to have been sold in a pouch that can stand up on its own?


Also, randomly, Capri Sun has been in space, which is weird when you think about the fact that I just said that it can stand up by itself. But the real question is, do Capri Sun's still hold up today?


So ultimately, what we're going to do is rank five Capri Sun flavors, and determine, out of two factors, whether these stand the test of time. Obviously, we're going with taste. Am I immediately repulsed or do I enjoy it?

And then the second factor, which I think is arguably the most important, is nostalgia. What memories do I associate with each flavor? And our Capri Sun lineup is grape geyser, strawberry kiwi surf, wild cherry waterfall, fruit punch, and Pacific cooler.

OK, the first one we're going to try is grape geyser.


OK, this is pretty good. And this has unlocked, like, a deep seated memory of, like, I know I have gym class next and I'm so excited, but I'm going to have to run the mile in the clothes that I wore to school, and then I'm going to have to sit in a classroom in the clothes that I just ran a mile in.

Next, strawberry kiwi surf. Oh, my God. (VOCALIZES) You can, like, taste it-- feel it back here after-- it's so sweet. This makes me think that my mom wrote an embarrassing note on my napkin at lunch and everyone is reading it and laughing at me.

Next, wild cherry waterfall.


Oh, my God. Ew! It doesn't unlock any memories, because I definitely never had that when I was in elementary school, because I hated it.

OK, now fruit punch, a classic. Some Mario ad there.


Oh, my God. Oh, my God! This is so disgusting! (LAUGHS) This one is so bad! This makes me think that next period it's going to be English class and we have to do popcorn reading, which I always hated.

OK, Pacific cooler.


Yeah, this is, like, spicy fruit punch. But this just tastes like going on a class trip and either being separated from your friends or not being able to sit with them. That's what this tastes like. Bad. Hate it.

So in terms of the ranking, we'll go from best to worst, because I think we had a lot more bad ones.

OK, best-- grape geyser, closely followed by wild cherry. Strawberry kiwi was absolutely disgusting. It's going to be middle ground because the nostalgia factor is really huge for this one. Finally, we have these two absolute abominations that also feature ads on them. Fruit punch and Pacific cooler are so disgusting I don't know what I'm supposed to do with the rest of this juice in here.

There you go. Should you ever be in a fix or have a craving for a Capri Sun, now you know they not only unlock a lot of dangerous but great memories, but some of them are truly, truly disgusting.