Randy Rainbow Tells Merrick Garland and DOJ to ‘Get Your S– Together’ and Lock Up Trump in New Parody (Video)

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Randy Rainbow comes for both sides of the aisle in his newest parody song. But in the end, the real message is for Merrick Garland and the Department of Justice: “Get your s— together” and criminally charge Donald Trump.

Of course, the video kicks off much the same way all of Rainbow’s songs do; he comes for the right first. This time, instead of taking on his usual persona of an anchor for “Fake News Channel,” Rainbow fills in for Liz Cheney, presiding over the Jan. 6 hearings. But his nameplate doesn’t designate where he’s from – it’s just “Ms. Rainbow, If You’re Nasty.”

As Rainbow always does, he plays another role in the video, too, here as someone from Trump’s PR team, hanging out behind the scenes of the now infamous blooper reel of Trump attempting to put together his speech addressing the insurrection.

Set to the tune of “Yesterday” by Paul McCartney and John Lennon, Rainbow naturally starts by poking fun at Trump for claiming the actual word “yesterday” is a “hard” word for him to enunciate clearly. “Yesherday. Such a complicated word to say when his dentures start to slip away,” Rainbow sings.

Rainbow then launches into lyrics devoted to Trump’s role in Jan. 6, singing about how it’s “plain to see how he screwed with our democracy, bingeing Big Macs while he watched TV.”

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“When the votes came through, they were blue instead of red,” Rainbow explains in the song. “So he said ‘Eff you,’ staged a coup and went to bed. F— this guy, and the hypocrites who still comply. Does it really take the FBI to verify he tends to lie?”

At that, Rainbow turns into his typical reporter character, but this time is interviewing Attorney Gen. Merrick Garland. And of course, by interviewing, we mean Rainbow takes Garland to the mat on why Trump hasn’t faced criminal charges yet.

As Garland explains that the investigation is ongoing and wide-spanning, Rainbow begs Garland to “step on it sis, ’cause he’s gettin’ ready to announce, and we cannot let him be president again. I’m running out of showtunes.”

From there, Rainbow’s parody of “Yesterday” turns into words for Garland and the DOJ, telling them to “get your s— together” and “prosecute, like, yesterday.” And yes, some regular targets of Rainbow’s show up in the final minutes as well – including Josh Hawley.

You can watch Randy Rainbow’s full parody in the video above.

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