Randy Rainbow Interprets a Beatles Classic to Rebuke Donald Trump in New Parody: Watch

In a series of outtakes from his speech following the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, then-President Donald Trump struggled with one word specifically. Now, viral comedian Randy Rainbow is taking that word and using it to lambast the beleaguered former president.

On Thursday (Aug. 18), Rainbow posted a new parody video titled “Lock Him Up Yesterday!” taking aim at his most frequent target in light on the continuing Jan. 6 committee’s hearings. Starting out the video posing as a faux-Representative on the House Committee (his placard simply reads “Ms. Rainbow If You’re Nasty”), Rainbow cuts to video footage of Trump fumbling his speech denouncing the attacks on the Capitol and struggling with the word “yesterday.”

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This, naturally, leads to a new song from Rainbow — this time set to the tune of The Beatles‘ 1965 hit “Yesterday.” Mocking Trump’s seeming inability to pronounce the word, Rainbow uses his opportunity to also spoof the high-profile FBI raid of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Fla. “Does it really take the FBI/ To verify he tends to lie?” he sings.

Cutting into a classic Rainbow format of a fake interview, the singer sits down with Attorney General Merrick Garland to clear up the Justice Department’s investigation into potential charges of “seditious conspiracy, espionage, [and] bad hair” against Trump, as Rainbow puts it. After hearing Merrick confirm the department’s wide-ranging investigation into the former president, Rainbow urges him to hurry up because “I’m running out of show tunes.”

Closing out his number by reinterpreting the Lennon-McCartney tune into a classic 11 o’clock number, Rainbow appeals to the Justice Department, the House Committee and primary voters at home, singing “Please don’t take us back to yesterday” as a Trump 2024 poster looms over him. “Get your s–t together, DOJ/ And prosecute, like, yesterday.”

Check out the full video of “Lock Him Up Yesterday!” below:

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