Randall Emmett’s Ups and Downs: Lala Kent Cheating Claims, Bruce Willis Mistreatment Allegations and More

A series of controversies. Randall Emmett has produced successful films, including The Irishman, but it’s his personal life and allegations of professional misconduct that have often made headlines. "I thank God and my dad daily that I never married him. The thought of it sends me into a panic," Lala Kent, who dated the film producer from 2016 to 2021, said of her former beau on a December 2021 episode of the “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast. Kent has often spoken publicly about her ex since the split, including on her own podcast, “Give Them Lala.” “Every day I find out something new that makes me feel [like], ‘Lala you were so disposable the whole time. You meant nothing. … You were a possession, a shiny object and nothing more.' And I have to be OK with that,” the Vanderpump Rules star said in a December 2021 episode. “To learn the things that I learn and try my best to just keep my f–king mouth shut for my daughter, not say a word about what I know, it can become torturous. And I have to sit and say, ‘The universe will do its thing.’” The reality television personality and the Silence producer got engaged in September 2018 and welcomed their daughter, Ocean, in March 2021. That October, the pair split after Emmett was photographed with two other women at a hotel in Nashville. Kent has since accused her ex-fiancé of cheating on her with multiple women, which he has never confirmed. “Randall did not want to split but it was Lala’s decision. The trust is gone. He’s been trying to win her back,” an insider exclusively revealed to Us Weekly at the time of the breakup. “He’s constantly posting about Ocean in hopes of getting Lala’s attention and putting on the ‘I’m a good father’ act.” The Utah native has never shown any inclination of taking Emmett back. In a December 2021 episode of her podcast, she claimed that the Midnight in the Switchgrass director lied about how much her engagement ring was worth. “It just was like, ‘Wow, there’s not one piece of the five years I was with this person that has been truthful and honest,’” she said at the time. The podcaster made headlines in June 2022 when she alleged that Emmett knew about his collaborator Bruce Willis’ health struggles long before his aphasia diagnosis was announced to the public. “‘I can’t do this anymore,’” the Give Them Lala author recalled the movie producer telling her over the phone in September 2020, per a Los Angeles Times report. “‘It’s just so sad. Bruce can’t remember any of his lines. He doesn’t know where he is.’” Emmett denied Kent’s allegations. The June 2022 Los Angeles Times exposé also included allegations of sexual misconduct perpetrated by the End of Watch producer, which he likewise denied. Scroll through for a look at Kent’s ups and downs over the years: