Ramona Singer says she won't be in Real Housewives Of New York: Legacy

Ramona Singer won't be in RHONY: Legacy
Ramona Singer won't be in RHONY: Legacy

Ramona Singer

Ah, the old, “You can’t fire me, I quit!” It’s a classic for a reason, especially in showbiz, it seems. Ramona Singer surely isn’t the first reality star to employ the tactic, but she appears to be the latest. Singer has been a cast member of Real Housewives Of New York since its inception; that is, until Bravo decided to overhaul the entire cast ahead of the upcoming 14th season. As a consolation prize, the network will launch RHONY: Legacy, a return for some classic past cast members that Singer claims she wants no part of.

“I do not want to do the show any longer,” she recently told Page Six. “It’s not for me at this time.” Of course, sources for the outlet also claim she wasn’t offered a spot on the new show anyway—partially because Singer has been publicly badmouthing the idea.

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“I’ve been there for a long time. I mean, never say no, never say never. But I also feel like the Legacy [show], how could it be really good?” she asked on the Reality With The King podcast. Referencing former fellow cast members who hadn’t had their contracts renewed, she said, “The people they are gonna bring back are the people they didn’t want to renew anyways. So what are you gonna call it, The Loser Show, The Loser Legacy?”

“I don’t think that was the defining moment,” Page Six’s source said of Singer’s remarks, “but she does seem to put her foot in her mouth a lot.”

Indeed, co-star Dorina Medley speculated that Singer may have been lashing out because she felt ill-used by the Bravo team. “It’s a been difficult time for all of us because we’ve all been in limbo for a long time, so maybe she was safely reacting to protect herself,” Medley told Page Six in a separate interview. “Maybe she’s worried. I don’t believe [she feels that way]. I would hope that’s not true.”

No matter who finally cut ties with whom, Singer claims to be much better off now that she’s not on television. “I’m much calmer now that I haven’t done the show,” she said on Reality With The King. “I know this is an oxymoron, but I really don’t like being recognized.” Happy trails then, madam!

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