Rami Malek on the ‘Magnificent Moment’ With Robin Williams He’ll ‘Never Forget’

Rami Malek shared a “magnificent moment” he had with the late Robin Williams in a video released Monday to promote his cover story for GQ.

Malek narrated his response to a Quora question about his career, recalling his time shooting “Night at the Museum 3” with the comedian: “We were shooting in the British museum, of all places, at night. I see Robin just standing alone, by himself. I got pretty close to him, walked up to him, and he was just staring off in the distance and I said, ‘Are you OK?’ He says back, ‘Man, how often are we going to get a chance to stand right in front of the Rosetta Stone?'”

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“That was just a magnificent moment that I shall never forget,” the Academy Award winner concluded, “and now I get to share it with you. So, here’s to Mr. Williams. Love you, Robin.”

Beyond the lesson on being grateful and living in the moment from Williams, Malek shared other real-life takeaways his acting career has given him with GQ.

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According to his profile in the magazine, when he was initially preparing to play elusive cybersecurity technician Elliot Alderson on USA’s acclaimed “Mr. Robot,” Malek would practice moving around New York City “undercover,” wearing all gray or black and checking where all the cameras were in public spaces.

“These days,” the profile says, “in the thick of new ultra-fame, he will find himself walking around New York City in Elliot invisibility mode, hugging surfaces in a hoodie, which strikes him as slightly sad but mostly funny. To avoid being recognized, the actor now mimics one of the characters that made him recognizable. And it works!”

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