Rainn Wilson Dropped Throwback Posts On The 10-Year Anniversary Of The Office Wrapping Filming (And Angela Kinsey Responded)

 Dwight and Angela in The Office
Dwight and Angela in The Office

When we look back at the greatest TV shows that have graced our screens over the years, The Office is often in the conversation and most certainly way up there when it comes to comedy shows. There are just so many jokes in the NBC show that famous in pop culture, along with many members of The Office cast going on to more hit projects. Now, as the series finale soon meets a major milestone, Dwight Schrute actor, Rainn Wilson, is getting nostalgic with throwback social media posts.

Wilson took to Instagram to share a series of videos from the final day of shooting The Office back in spring of 2013. Check it out:

The actor shared five videos on social media that give fans a peek at what it was like during the last two days shooting the beloved TV show. The first video features Creed Bratton singing his song “All The Faces” in the office alongside the entire cast. The second video has the core cast watching Pam actress Jenna Fischer shooting her final “talking head” of the show and the third video features Rainn Wilson himself sharing that the same fake plant has been on the set of The Office for a decade. The fourth video has the cast exiting Dunder Mifflin for the last time and the final one has a ton of loyal fans hanging outside the set.

It’s an emotional series of videos that came following an initial post where Rainn Wilson shared some more behind the scenes of The Office. Take a look:

Rainn Wilson shared that it was a decade ago this week that the cast of The Office said goodbye to the show that has shaped so many of their lives and careers. The actor said he is “grateful” for the nine years he starred in the show and thanked his cast and fans for being a part of it. Angela Kinsey, who played Angela, commented this:

Rainn!! I’m tearing up! I had never seen that video. 😭❤️ How lucky were we?? It was the best!

the office steve carell michael scott
the office steve carell michael scott


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How sweet is this! The Office cast will of course always be known for their roles in the series and many of them have not shied away from the pride of being part of the all-time great comedy show. Kinsey and Jenna Fischer even started a podcast called Office Ladies back in 2019, which they continue to do, where they’ve rewatched and shared commentary on the show.

Rainn Wilson is currently getting ready to publish a book called Soul Boom, Why We Need a Spiritual Revolution, set to come out on April 25, after making news for changing his name for climate action, dodging fans at the dentist or throwing out a great idea/joke for a Don’t Worry Darling followup. Even though The Office is very much over, you can stream the whole series with a Peacock subscription.