On the Radar Latin: Andreina Bravo, Loyal Lobos, Jasiel Nuñez & More Emerging Artists to Discover

Every month, Billboard Latin and Billboard Español editors feature a small group of new, or relatively unknown, artists whose music we love. Think “diamantes en bruto,” or “diamonds in the rough.” These are newcomers who have yet to impact the mainstream — but whose music excites us, and who we believe our readers should make a point to discover.

Our latest edition of On the Radar Latin includes nearly a dozen emerging artists, who we might’ve found anywhere from a Spotify playlist to a music showcase. See our recommendations below.

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Artist: Andreina Bravo

Country: Ecuador

Why They Should Be on Your Radar: Bravo is a force to be reckoned with in her native Ecuador but what makes her shine is her humility and go-getter attitude. I first met the rising pop artist at the 2023 Heat Latin Music Awards — where she nabbed the award for trending artist the year prior — when she personally approached me to introduce herself. Looking like a real-life Barbie doll, decked in a glittery dress and playful blonde locks, Bravo told me about her future projects and desire to learn more about the music industry.

Meanwhile, in Latin America, she’s already a growing name, boasting over two million followers on TikTok and more than one million on Instagram. She’s characterized by her relatable personality on social media and infectious sugary pop tracks, mainly celebrating girl power and self-love. Bravo is also a model and businesswoman, the owner of her own bathing suit brand, called Bravu. — JESSICA ROIZ

Song for Your Playlist: “Arte”

Artist: Christian Alicea

Country: Puerto Rico

Why They Should Be on Your Radar: I met Christian Alicea during the Premios Juventud 2023 red carpet. I was captivated by his talent and charisma during our brief conversation on the carpet. Christian, originally from Lares, Puerto Rico, has a distinct tropical music influence in his voice. His family’s musical background and his unique fusion of classic and urban sounds contribute to his originality within the genre. In his latest single “Bendición Mame y Pape,” he not only displays his great talent, but also mesmerizes his fans with his sweet and raspy vocals, while also fearlessly embracing the power of rap melodies. — INGRID FAJARDO

Song for Your Playlist: “Bendición Mame y Pape”

Artist: DAAZ

Country: Mexico

Why They Should Be on Your Radar: While working out one day in the park, I came across a song called “Motel California”—it instantly caught my attention. The collaboration between newcomers DAAZ and Sabino kicks off with jazzy piano melodies that then transitions to a feel-good and smooth funk-rap fusion, narrating a conversation between two friends: one who went on a date with a girl and later to the motel, the other giving him advice. Much like this vibey track, DAAZ portrays Hip-Hop and reggae music by “incorporating Mexican ‘culturalismos’ and real-life topics of Millennial woes,” according to a press statement. The Cancun-based newcomer calls himself “the king of the jungle” on social media and is signed to WK Records. — J.R.

Song for Your Playlist: “Motel California” feat. Sabino

Artist: Darho

Country: Colombia

Why They Should Be on Your Radar: Hailed from Barranquilla, Darho captured my attention with his first two singles under Warner Music Latina: “Ojitos Secos,” a beautiful heartbreak ballad that debuted in April; and the more joyful “Ven Ven,” released last week, whose fusion of dembow and afrobeat is perfect for the summer. “I made the decision to select this new song in order to infuse something refreshing for me, departing from my melancholic ballads and paving the way for something vibrant, something Caribbean,” the Colombian singer-songwriter says in a statement. It’s a welcome change that showcases Darho’s versatility and increases our curiosity to see what he’ll do next. — SIGAL RATNER-ARIAS

Song for Your Playlist: “Ven Ven”

Artist: Dayanara

Country: Ecuador

Why They Should Be on Your Radar: During the 2023 Heat Latin Music Awards in Punta Cana, I also came across Dayanara, a giddy brunette who turned heads with her pearly white smile and chocolaty eyes. But beyond being just a beautiful and viral girl (she has nearly three million followers on Instagram), Dayanara is a rising pop artist who’s already all the rage in her country, Ecuador. She navigates from reggaetón to cumbia to romantic ballads and more with her dulcet vocals, and has recently been making the rounds with her Kunno-assisted track “El Ganado.” A well-rounded star, Dayanara formed part of a reality show called Pequeños Brillantes when she was 10 years old, won Miss Teen Universe at 17 years old in 2015 and represented Ecuador at the 2019 Viña del Mar Festival. — J.R.

Song for Your Playlist: “Ni Borracha”

Artist: Drea Dury

Country: Colombia

Why They Should Be on Your Radar: Born and raised in Cali, Colombia, Dury’s music is a lush combination of pop, Afrobeats and R&B, built over a cohesive sonic base no doubt informed by a childhood surrounded by classical music (her father is an orchestra conductor). Like Nathy Peluso, Dury’s output is truly audio-visual, her sexy beats accompanied by exuberant, tropical visuals in a combo that she calls “Criollan Elegance.” While Dury stops short of going over the top, she certainly commands attention. Last week, she opened for Ozuna in Paris, and recently released a new EP, Palmera Nights. — LEILA COBO

Song for Your Playlist: “Bandida”

Artist: Jasiel Nuñez

Artist: Mexico

Why They Should Be on Your Radar: Jasiel Nuñez was the first artist to take the stage at Peso Pluma’s 24th birthday bash last month in Guadalajara. I was quickly captivated by his velvety vocals, which contrast the sometimes harsh sound of a corrido. Typically, corrido singers’ vocals are raw and unpolished, but not Nuñez’s. The singer-songwriter is not only one of Peso Pluma’s best friends, he’s also signed to the Mexican superstar’s label Double P Records. Nuñez has co-written a number of tracks with Peso, including “Lagunas,” one of their collaborations featured on the history-making album Génesis, which Peso unleashed last month and debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 — the highest ranking on the tally for a música mexicana album. Moreover, “Lagunas” earned Nuñez his first entry on the Hot 100, after the piano-led ballad peaked at No. 85. — GRISELDA FLORES

Song for Your Playlist: “Lagunas”

Artist: K-efe

Country: Chile

Why They Should Be on Your Radar: One of the first things about K-efe that draws you in is her laidback bohemian swagger — then it’s her piercing vibrato, delivered with a soulful rap flair. That’s exactly what captivated me about the artist, also known as Karin Hoffmann, at this year’s Acoustic Showcase of the Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC) at New York’s S.O.B.s. — which we featured on our 11 Standout Performances list. Taking cues from Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill, the Mexico City-based singer/producer makes music of a neo-soul persuasion, with an occasional ability to spit punchy one-liners. Her latest release, “SUELTA (Respira)” with Paz Quintana, showcases her conscious hip-hop lyricism, which is anchored in roots and folklore. — ISABELA RAYGOZA

Song for Your Playlist: “SUELTA (Respira)”

Artist: Loyal Lobos

Country: Colombia

Why They Should Be on Your Radar: This Bogotá-born, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter boasts a high, ethereal voice that sings knock-out lyrics over atmospheric vibes with just tinges of dance. Newly signed to Saban, Loyal Lobos began her career singing mostly in English on her debut indie album, 2020’s Everlasting. With Saban, she’s switched seamlessly to Spanish, marrying an alt-pop sound with the punch of Spanish-language story-telling, and leaving us better for it. Loyal Lobos’ relatable lyrics and very unique sound stand out in the Latin music realm through songs like “Funeral,” which details how her big send-off should be a big party; and her recent “Si volviera a conocerte,” a wistful look at the one who got away. A new EP, Loba Vol. 1, is due out this Fall. — L. Cobo

Song for Your Playlist: “Si Volviera A Concerte”

Artist: Milo J.

Country: Argentina

Why They Should Be on Your Radar: At the young age of 16, Camilo Joaquín Villarruel, better known as Milo J, already sounds like a veteran — thanks to his tone of voice and lyrics that talk about his personal experiences. With an indisputable talent, the rap artist is quickly making a name for himself as the promising new sound of the urban genre in Argentina. Active in music since 2021, songs like “Milagrosa” have put him on the radar of many, and he continues to build his reputation with each new release. His talent has already been recognized by other Argentine colleagues who have invited him to collaborate on their recent albums, such as Nicki Nicole, with whom he sings “Dispara,” and Khea, with whom he collaborated on the song “Nunca Voy Solo”. — LUISA CALLE

Song For Your Playlist: “Rincón”

Artist: Sebastian Esquivel

Country: Mexico

Why They Should Be on Your Radar: I met Sebastian Esquivel on a red carpet in Las Vegas in April of this year. The following month, while visiting Chihuahua, Mexico, I had the opportunity to witness firsthand how his music has gained widespread popularity — not only through social media but also locally in the northern region of Mexico. Born in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Esquivel also represents the new era for corridos, where they innovate by combining corridos and trap.

One of the perfect examples of this genre is his last hit, “Bélico y Cholo,” released earlier this year with Yerai R. Following the success of the single, Esquivel brought Virlan Garcia onboard for a live version of the single “Bélico y Cholo – En Vivo – Con Virlan Garcia.” He is currently promoting his most recent EP Los Esquivel en vivo desde Cadereyta, in collaboration with his brother Eugenio Esquivel — together they have gained recognition as part of the TikTok-famous duo in Mexico, Los Alucines. — I.F.

Song for Your Playlist: “Bélico y Cholo (En Vivo)”

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